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Susan Riche' Earnest   "I Remember"
I will always remember Mr. Hatley, Band Director at Evergreen Elementary School where I played saxophone and loved it.  I continued to play while attending Cottonport High School.  Memories of the band performing at LSU's Tiger Stadium on Band Night are so awesome!
I will always remember Mrs. Barbara Wright providing baton twirling and marching lessons in Evergreen.  Another fond memory is when our group, with Barron Chenevert playing drums and Sue Galland and I playing our saxaphones,  won first place in some talent contests held throughout the parish. We were "tuff stuff" and still are! Ha.
September 8, 2008   1962 EES Graduate, 1966 Cottonport High School Graduate 

Susan Riche’ Ernest  Feb.14, 2010 addendum

Thanks for sharing such a heart-warming event we experienced years ago! Yes, we were very sad about our school burning, but with the help of God and our great people from the Evergreen faculty, the Churches, and the love of our families, we were able to survive the tragedy. I cannot put into words all of the friends I had and still have from Evergreen and Bunkie and surrounding areas who are so genuine. We had such a happy childhood and wonderful parents. I know I was spoiled growing up by my wonderful Dad, Leo Riche', Sr., who always taught me the important things in life! And, I do try to live by those values.

I remember our little desks that were set up for us, after the school burned down. We had the love and support by God and our families, so we made it through this great sadness! It would take me all day to let you know what is in my heart from so many great memories of Evergreen!

Even though you do not see your friends from Evergreen that often, the bond and love stays in your heart for everyone. Barbara Wright had us as majorettes and Mr. Hatley had us in the band and choir. I played alto, tenor, and baritone sax in the Evergreen Band and loved it.

When I was in Cottonport High under the band direction of Wilfed Laborde, I continued my saxophone playing. Mr. Hatley inspired me to practice and I did on my front porch of Riche' Road! I loved it! I made Honor Band for the Avoyelles Parish band and just thought I was the greatest! (Ha)

Under the direction of Mr. Laborde in high school, one year our Cottonport Band went perform on the LSU campus for Band Night! How awesome was that coming from Riche' Road! I cannot describe the feelings I had inside with all of these other bands and marching and performing on the LSU football field! Later on we went into Tiger Town, first time I had ever been, and needless to say, I feel in love with LSU. That is why I begged my Dad that I wanted to work and live in Baton Rouge. He, of course, did not want his spoiled, baby daughter who helped pack trailers full of cotton, rode the cotton picker, bailed hay, milked cows, cut grass, helped feed all of the animals on the farm, etc., etc. going to the big city of Baton Rouge!

I did not want to go to college, so went to Technical College and got my certificate in Business. So many of our friends took tests with Civil Service and were offered great jobs with the State. I accepted a job with the State Department of Hospitals in Baton Rouge in the Transcription Department and loved it!

When I graduated from 8th grade at EES, Daddy wanted me to go to Cottonport High because Uncle Elmer, "Boulet", drove the school bus for the Cottonport route and would pick us up from Riche' Road. What great memories! We were always happy-go-lucky and appreciated the small things in life.

A lot of my friends from Evergreen were going to Bunkie like Billy Wright, Genie Albritton, Glenn and Boyd Quirk, Andy O'Brien, Darrell Jans, Sue Galland, and too many others to mention right now. We had great teachers there and a good education. I was head cheerleader for four years and went to Natchitoches cheerleader camp. I met up with my Evergreen friends who were now going to Bunkie High, and we had a wonderful experience and talked about the times being together at Evergreen Elementary.

Barron Chenevert, Sue Galland, and I participated in 4-H competition and placed first many times. I am telling you all of this because of the great teachers at Evergreen who inspired us and were great educators. They always had time for us when we needed them and made the time because they cared. We respected our teachers.

We did excel in our studies, as well as extracurricular activities. I could go on and on, but we had a great foundation at Evergreen. The love and the caring we received from all our teachers and families inspired us to take pride in ourselves and so that we can accomplish our goals in life. We were always taught to be respectful, caring toward others, walk by faith and not sight, and always hold your head high!

Well, Edmond, I have to get ready to go to Mass. I could add so much more, but there is so much time in the day and so much I need to do today. Again, thanks for sharing so many memories!

Thanks for all you do! God bless you and your family!


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