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Darrel Jans  Evergreen Memories - February 14, 2010

 Thank you for the story, Ed.  We lived about 2 miles further south down Bayou Rouge from you and remember seeing the bright sky, too.  I was in the 3rd grade, Debbie the 2nd and David the 1st.  It was a very sad night for another reason.  We received a call that my Mom’s (Nettie Johnson Jans) brother, Frank Johnson, died that night. 

 Uncle Frank was a 1936 EHS graduate who went on to LSU.  He was crippled from polio, and when Mom and I were discussing this today, she told me that Cecil Goudeau used to carry Frank in his arms up and down the stairs at EHS.  Your story today really brought back memories for our family and I’m quite sure for many others.

 Pelican  Footnote: Darrel was a 1963 graduate of EES and a 1967 BHS graduate.

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