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Cynthia Galland Cappel  July 10, 2008


I’m Cynthia Galland Cappel.  I am married and have 2 adult sons and now live in Houston, Texas.  I lived in Evergreen until I was 18.  And I’m not about to put my age in black and white print, even though most of you know that age!  I still go to Evergreen about once a month to visit my mom.  I’m one of 5 children (Georgie, Ronald, Susan, Stephen) of Ozamae and Perle Galland, longtime Evergreen area residents.


Reading all the memory letters really took me back in time! 


Evergreen elementary school is where I attended grade school (grades 1-8).  I do have fond memories - a lot of them were mentioned in other letters.  Some memories that come to mind for me are:


  • Old-time floor heaters in the school halls where we could crowd around on cold days and play jacks during recess.  I got too close to the heaters once and ruined a winter coat
  • Wonderful home made yeast rolls in the cafeteria
  • The outside merry-go-round that was “kid powered” and playing dodge ball.
  • Singing classes where we would learn all the patriotic songs – I still know all the lyrics for the 4 military service theme songs!
  • The school band where I learned (?) to play an instrument, as many others did in grade school
  • Evergreen school library where I read every “blue” biography book in the library!  And also the bookmobile!
  • The unique smell of the memeograph machines ink when I would help teachers by printing out the purple print homework sheets, tests and the school paper, the Magnolia Leaf
  • Riding the yellow school bus driven by Boulette Riche and my daddy would substitute drive for him sometimes. Also the afternoon “lining up” to catch the school bus to go home
  • Ms. Lucille’s “health check days” in second grade where we were required to have in our possession a handkerchief and clean hands for her to give the cleanliness inspection- no dirty fingernails allowed! 
  • The Christmas – yes Christmas, not holiday, plays when all the children in the school got to participate.  My mom had to sew many a costume for me and my brothers and sisters for those plays!
  • I, too, remember when JFK was shot.  I was in Ms. Betty’s class that day. When I have to list a favorite teacher to use as a security check for computers passwords, etc., I always use Betty (Ducote Coco).  She was definitely one of my all time favorite teachers. 
  • Good thing, because I had her in both the fifth grade and the eight!


Church of the Little Flower Catholic Church is where my family attended mass every Sunday (and was married there 36 years ago).  When in grade school, I was in the church choir and we used to take awesome field trips to antebellum homes and once to Avery Island to visit the Tobasco factory. I can still remember the smell from the fermenting Tobasco barrels.


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