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Funding for www.EvergreenLa.org is done strictly through donations. If you would like to provide financial support for the website, please review the options below.  Those who wish to volunteer their services, talents, skills, information, etc., are asked to contact Mike.  The harvest is great and more volunteers are needed and welcomed.  Responsibilities are met at one's leisure and timelines.  Small steps when time allows is the hallmark of the volunteers currently helping move www.EvergreenLa.org forward.  
Donations to the Evergreen Reunion/Website may be made four different ways, as follows:
1. Sponsorship - sponsors links will be prominently displayed on the main street of the website.  The fee is modest and provides visibility to a company, family, group, agency or individual.  It allows the sponsor to post information on the website, including a maximum of two pictures.  The information could also have contact numbers, including linkage to the sponsor's website.
2. Memorial Donors - these are listed on the page of each Memorial.  The Memorial fee for three years is only $36.00. For more information on Memorials, click on the Memorials link.  In addition to the listing of the Memorials, viewers may click on the Memorial Submission Form for more information.  
3. Donors - this group will be listed by name only on this page.  The amount of each donation will not be included with the names, thus donations of any amount  are appreciated and will be gratefully accepted.

4. Anonymous donors - donors who wish to remain anonymous will have their wishes for anonymity followed.
Donation checks should be mailed to Mike Tanner at 1176 Hwy 361, Evergreen, LA 71333 with the donor's phone number and mailing address. Questions about a donation should be directed to Mike at Mike@EvergreenLa.org or the address above..
All donations received are documented and sent to the Evergreen Civic League Club, who deposits the checks and disburses the funds per requests for the Evergreen Reunion/Website.  

Donors to the Evergreen Reunion/Website Since May 17, 2008 Include

Joseph “Bert” St. Romain – October, 2009
Alfred & Faye Turner – October, 2009
Larry “Pete” Riche – August 20, 2009
Sue Goudeau Nehring – August 12, 2009
Georgie Gremillion Dauzat – July 29, 2009
Sue Goudeau Nehring – July 22, 2009
Dr. Harold Aymond - April 13, 2009

Cynthia Murray - Jan.16, 2009
Maurine Bordelon Lacour - Jan.1, 2009
A. M. Gerry Galland Sheets – Sept. 28, 2008
Anonymous donor - Sept. 9, 2008
Lynn W. Wright - Sept. 8, 2008
Coral F. Francois - July 29, 2008
Edmond A. Dugas – July 3, 2008
Ronald Galland – June 10, 2008
Joyce Rachal Roy – June 19, 2008
Walter J. “Dub” Dugas – June 19, 2008
Ruth Dugas Albritton – June 17, 2008
Roy Riche’, Jr. – May 30, 2008

Donors to the 2008 Evergreen Reunion on May 17 included

Vera "Bee" Rabalais Descant
DD/Nell Dubroc
Ed/Marilyn Dugas
Martha Patrick Hunt
Bernice McDonald Riche’
Craig/Debbie Riche'
Elliot/Sandra Goudeau Riche'
Freda Descant Riche'
Harvey Riche'
Jack/Cheryl Riche'
Ken Riche'
Mike Riche'
Robert/Romona Riche'
Roy P. Riche', Jr.
Walter/Dorothy Descant Riche'
Jimmy/Mary Roy

Virgil Tanner, Jr.
Ada Mae Barron Tremblay  
Lafayette Coca-Cola
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Bayou Rouge Baptist

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Granny's House
Mrs. Pierre Descant
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