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Ruth Dugas Albritton July 2, 2007

Remembering the Past.....  My parents and I moved during the summer of 1930 from New Orleans to Evergreen on Bayou Rouge (now known as Riche' Road) on my grandfather's property so that my father could assist him in his farming business.  I have fond memories of growing up near so many relatives and with lots of love.  Our life centered around our little Catholic Church located in the village of Evergreen.  The men of the family had fixed a wagon, horse driven, which would take everyone to Sunday Mass in Evergreen.  This form of transportation took care of most of our traveling needs during this period of time.  It was during the depression of the 30's and things were real hard according to what we children heard.  I remember the town having Catholic, Baptist, and Methodist churches, all very active.  I also remember that all three religions, worked together to provide whatever they could for all faiths.

They especially focused on the children.  It was good clean living and we were very happy.  I began school in the first grade and never changed schools until I graduated at the Evergreen High School.  I loved everything about the school. The classes were very small and we all learned fast.  We were so few in numbers we had to participate in everything. On Saturday and/or Sunday afternoons, we would meet on the grounds of our beautiful school and either roller skate or ride bikes down the hill, or just socialize. 

I have fond memories of the wonderful teachers that we had...Mr. Earnest Hatley, Ms. Lena Haydel, Ms. Vera Mae Dunbar, Ms. Sue Goudeau and her sister Estelle, Oma West Tassin, Mr. Sam Jeansonne and principal, Mr. Anthony Smith, to name a few.  They were very strict, but fair and good teachers.  As I stated before, we were a small school, but had so many extracurricular activities.  I remember our "May Day" celebrations, with the dances, etc.  I remember the excitement I felt when I was chosen May Day queen one year. 

Evergreen High School was noted for its excellent band.  Everybody was in the band starting in the elementary school and Mr. Hatley saw to it that we competed a lot and that we always rated in the competition.  Another thing that we took pride in was our girls' softball team.  Martha Albritton was pitcher and Jeanette Barron Armand was her catcher. Their specialty was striking out the batter and that they did very well.  Most games, those of us who were in the field or on base, saw very little action, but we won games.  What a team those two were!!!   I had pictures of many of these events, so I put them in an album and brought them to the Evergreen Town Museum when it first opened. 

I am back living in Evergreen with my husband, Bill Albritton, after following him around the world for 22 years, and still attend the Church of the Little Flower.  Our school burned in 1958 and I still can close my eyes and see that beautiful school sitting on the top of the hill in the center of town.  I can also visualize the children playing on the grounds and learning on the inside.  My personal opinion...I must say, that I feel this is the best place to live for my family, and for Bill and I to retire.  There comes a time when coming back home is great!!!    

Ruth Ellen Dugas Albritton - Evergreen High Class of 1947.

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