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JULIENNE DUCOTE SPENCER (daughter of Raymond & Amanda Ducote) AUGUST 16, 2007

I am the wife of Tracy Spencer, also of Evergreen, and we have two children; William Joseph Spencer, married to Rebecca Jeansonne, and Andre Spencer Spruill married to William Spruill. William and Rebecca have two children, Austin (age 3) and Caroline (age 2). Andre and William have one daughter, Breann (age 3).

We live in Evergreen. I am retired from the Postal Service and Tracy works in Operations for the Cottonport Bank. We are both 56 years old.

I remember the teachers at Evergreen Elementary as all being caring about us. Our parents knew them and they knew us more than a student, but as a child willing to learn. Miss Sue always was in charge of games outside and she joined in. I remember the last day of school and the party given by Mrs. Wright that was so much fun.

I remember the recesses we had playing jump rope where the buses would come in by the lunch room and playing jacks on the hall floor, going to singing classes weekly, going to PE with Mr. Johnson and Mr. Tassin, who both would get so excited to see who would win.

I remember Mr. Ivy Holston, the janitor. Even when you forgot something at school, he would gladly go open the door for you and let you get what you had forgotten without fussing. He was always joking and smiling.

I remember the Christmas plays in which we all took part. The poor teachers spent so much time on this. As my children got into elementary school, the plays were still going on, but I was to watch and not perform.

I remember the Magnolia Leaf. Mrs. Betty would type it and we would wonder whose essay, short story or poem would be in it.

Living in Evergreen was a great part of my life. We played outdoors with the neighbors and we were always at one of their houses.


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