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Introduction:  "The mission of EvergreenLA.org is to document the past, celebrate the present, and plan for the future while reliving memories and creating new ones."
The EvergreenLA.org team is committed to guidance from the above mission statement. Please contact a member of the EvergreenLA.org team, as follows:
Coordinator:  Mike Tanner   Mike@EvergreenLa.org
The Coordinator has the overall responsibility for content, pictures, finances and human resources.  All information and pictures are processed through the Coordinator to the Webmaster for posting on the site.
Webmaster:  Mike Tanner  Mike@EvergreenLa.org 
The Webmaster has the responsibility of all techology matters of the website, including hosting, design and processing information received from the Coordinator.
Photo Editor: Photo  editor needed - if you would like to help, contact  Mike@EvergreenLa.org 
The Photo Editor attempts to edit each photo submitted so it is posted within the website parameters with the best possible improvements. However, some picture donors request that pictures be posted as provided and these requests are honored. 
Coordinator, Evergreen Address Book:  Lynn W. Wright  Lynn@EvergreenLa.org
The EAB Coordinator will compile and retain current information on former/current residents, former/current students, others who lived the Evergreen area on a seasonal or other short-term bases, and others who wish to be included.  Please provide Lynn with the following information: full name, including nick name; husband's name for married females; mailing address; email address; home and cell phone numbers; years of attendance at EES/EHS; EES graduation year; EHS graduation year. 
Pelicans are requested to email their information for the address book directly to Lynn. The EAB will be used to facilitate communications about future reunions and between Pelicans and the website team.  Contact numbers will be treated in a confidential manner and not placed on this website.  In the "Contact You" section (below), one may request to have their name and email address (only) listed to facilitate communications with other Pelicans.   

Evergreen Reunion Photographer:
Mike Tanner     Mike@EvergreenLa.org
The ER photographer will coordinate pictures taken at the reunion.  In addition to taking posed pictures, the ERP will make arrangements with other photograpers to take random pictures.
Photographers who contributed pictures to the 2008 ER included:  Ronnie Galland, Carolyn Tanner Rabalais, Ryan Rabalais, Mike Tanner, and Virgil Tanner, Jr.

Obituary Reporters: Joyce Rachal Roy
('58 EHS) (Lafayette Daily Advertiser), Carol Armand Pellegrin ('60 EES) (Baton Rouge Morning Advocate), and Susan Riche' Earnest ('62 EES) (Alexandria Town Talk) review the Obituary sections of the above daily newspapers for deceased persons with Evergreen connections.  Your assistance in the timely reporting of other deaths not included in the above media sources is appreciated.  Thank You.

Contact You

Viewers who wish to have their name and email address listed in this section of the website, should email Mike@EvergreenLa.org and make the request.  This will greatly facilitate electronic communications between and among Pelicans and others.  Other contact information in the EAB will not be placed on the website and the name and email address (only) will be placed in this section of the website if the request is made by email.  One may request that their name and email address be removed at any time.

Aymond, Harold   haymond@suddenlink.net

Barman, Everette Hayes   barman345@charter.net  

Chambless, Brandi Tanner  brandichambless@gmail.com

Dugas, Ed  Ed@EvergreenLa.org

Goudeau, Wayne   wgoudeau@cox.net

Kohler, Glynn   flydig@bellsouth.net 

LaCour, Maurine Bordelon   malacour@hotmail.com

LaFleur, Katherine Melancon   Katherine.LaFleur@islecorp.com

Rabalais, Jules Lester   jules2562@sbcglobal.net

Saylor, Martha Redmon   martiejo@aol.com

Tanner, Michael  Mike@EvergreenLa.org 

Thayer, Debra “Debbie” Armand   datfarm@kricket.net 

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