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Evergreen by James Turner


Lyrics and melody written by James Turner

Music written in time with a bounce to it.

Refrain 1: Evergreen, Evergreen, Ever true

                 This is the town that we knew

                 Ever so lovely a town can be.

                 This is the place called home.

Verses 1:  So much has changed, but our

                 Town still remains, peaceful,

                 And green and so quiet.

                 Think of the past and of things

                 That will last in our small

                 Quiet town.

Refrain 2: Evergreen, Evergreen, Ever true

                 This is the school that we knew

                 Ever so lovely a school can be

                 This is a place called home.

Verse 3:   Remember the way that our school used to wait,                  

                Sitting on top of the hill

                All that remains is the memory of it,

                Ole Evergreen High.

Verse 4:  The school that we went to, is gone from our sight,

                But memories still remain,

                Remember the past and things that will last,

                Ole Evergreen High.

Go to Refrain 2 and end.

Written by James Turner, EHS 1948 Class, May 26, 1990 and sang by former EHS students led by James for the 1990 Evergreen Reunion.




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