Information on “Unforgettable Personalities” from the Evergreen area is welcomed.  This is an excellent opportunity to document some of those “special” people whose personality should be remembered.

 There are no restrictions on the size of the information, only that it be factual. Entries may be added to the information on any of the “Unforgettable Personalities” below by as many people who wish to write about the person. 

 Please email your information to Mike@EvergreenLa.org  and include your name.  If you do not have email access, please have someone else email your letter to me or send it to me by regular mail at 1176 Hwy 361, Evergreen, LA 71333.  Please include your name, mailing address and phone number.  Thank you for documenting the “Unforgettable Personalities” of the Evergreen area.

Unforgettable Personalities
Celestine Mary Armand Descant
Dorsey Williams


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