“Where Are They Now?” is designed so one can update Pelicans on their life and the lives of their family members. This page will not include photos, but should provide viewers with a summary on the major outcomes/events in one’s life. There is no space requirement.     

Anyone who lives/d in the Evergreen area, went to school in Evergreen, was a regular visitor to the Evergreen area, or was employed in the Evergreen area, etc., may submit their “Where Are They Now? information. A family member may include parents and siblings in their update, so as to provide an update for them.

 The only broad guidance suggested for writing your information is one should pretend that since leaving the Evergreen area you have not provided any information to anyone “back home” about the events/activities in your life.  For those who never left Evergreen, pretend that you are writing to a friend who left Evergreen and wants to know what has transpired in your life since they last saw you.

All of us can recall times when we returned home and asked about people. The response usually included if they went to college, received special training, went in the military, married, children, grandchildren, occupation, home, travel, hobbies, talents, profession, unique accomplishments, etc. These are very limiting examples, so please focus on your experiences and where you are now.

Joseph “Wayne” Goudeau and his siblings have graciously consented to place the “Where Are They Now?” information of the Cecil Edmond Goudeau Sr. Family as the first entry in this page.  Wayne sent his family information before this page was operational. Wayne, please know your information is appreciated.  Miss Sue (3rd grade) and Estelle Goudeau (1st grade), his aunts, taught the multitude in Evergreen, dedicating their life’s work to the education of our citizens.

Please email your “Where Are They Now?” information to Ed @EvergreenLa.org

Please include your name, the date and your email address (optional) for posting, as this will only enhance communications among and between Pelicans.  Thank You.

Where Are They Now?
Everette "Hayes" Barman
Cecil Edmond Goudeau Sr. Family

Lionel Aldridge - From My Files by Ed Dugas



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