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Evergreen Lunch Noon – 3 p.m., Oct. 17, 2009  Prejean’s Restaurant  Carencro

 A handout was provided the attendees as they entered the Bordeaux Room. Most of the contents are included below.

 I. Attendees

The attendees were thanked for attending – “nothing beats being there”

A special appreciation was extended to EHS classmates Ethel Robson Taylor and Mary Ellen Armand Jeansonne, who staffed the registration table and greeted attendees.

Barman, Everette “Hayes”
Blanchard, Annabelle Jeansonne
Dugas, Marilyn Bordelon and Ed
Dugas, Sandra Sehon and W.J. “Dub”
Gauthier, Maudie Holston
Goudeau, Wayne
Gremillion, Georgie
Jeansonne, Mary Ellen Armand and Rodney
Juneau, Gail Riche’
Kojis, Martha Ann Trump and Natalie Kojis
Lacombe, Joyce St. Romain
Lemoine, Nan Haydel
Long, Linda and Mike
Matthews, Louis “Junior”
Moras, Patsy Roy
Nelson, Erik (Fred) and Fran Cerniglia
Ortolano, Doris
Pearce, Joy Overby and Stebo
Rabalais, Carolyn Tanner and Ryan
Richard, Sheryl Matthews
Riche’, Denise and Pete
Riche’, Roy “Boogie” and Betty Bordelon
Riche’, Tootsie McDonald
Sheets, Geraldine “Gerry” Galland and Marshall
Spencer, Genie and Jerry
St. Romain, Velma and Bert
Tanner, Kay and Mike
Taylor, Ethel Robson and Ray
Thevenot, Elaine Armand
Tremblay, Ada Mae Barron and Paul
Trimbur, June and Brother David
Turner, Faye Riche’ and Alfred “Bonoxie”

II. Agenda

1. Welcome – Ed
2. Blessing and prayer for ill – Brother David Trimbur, Bayou Rouge Baptist Church
3. Introductions – name, Evergreen connection, “I am here today because…”
4. Happy Birthday sang for W.J. “Dub” Dugas on his special “39th” birthday, followed by cake for all.
5. Additional announcements:

a. Everette “Hayes” Barman was recognized for traveling the greatest distance – Georgia.
b. Remarks about website by Ed – see III. Below.
c. Photographers Kay and Mike Tanner, Ryan and Carolyn Tanner Rabalais, and June and Brother David Trimbur were acknowledged and thanked.  Pictures will be posted in the Photo Gallery of the 2009 lunch.

6. Comments by four EHS graduates from the 1940s:

44 – Stebo Pearce, 46 – Bert St. Romain, 48 – Nan Haydel Lemoine, and 48 – Jerry Spencer. These remarks may be viewed in the photo gallery of the 2009 Lunch.

7. Closing Prayer – Brother David Trimbur

III. Other Handout Information

Thanks to Georgie, Bobbie, Annabelle, Town Government, Irvin, Mike & Kay and all who have contributed pictures and information.  You have helped keep the Pelican spirit alive. A special thanks is also extended to our donors – listed on the website.

Special appreciation is extended to Dale Descant, webmaster and host; and Ryan Rabalais, photo editor; both who are involved in the daily operations of www.EvergreenLa.org 

Check list for website information: (Have I submitted any of the following?)
My parents’ family connections, my family connections, my grandparents’ family connections, memories, memorials, military, news, obituaries, where are they now?, email address, etc. 

The only cost item for the website is the Memorial…no space restrictions on all others.  Please inform other Pelicans about the website.  Please ask students of the 70s & 80s and current Evergreen area residents to email Ed at Ed@EvergreenLa.org

Future pages: churches, ministries, graveyards; homes; families; Civic League; Volunteer Firemen; Evergreen Town Government; unforgettable personalities; and others. 

Pictures and information shared today will be posted on www.EvergreenLa.org

Peace, Ed Dugas  


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