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Published August 23, 2008

Like many others l have been very positively affected (although l didn't know it at the time) by my hardworking and loving parents, caring family friends, neighbors, the dedicated and always caring teachers at Evergreen High School, and, of course, by simply growing up in the Bay Hills.

After attending McNeese, a tour of duty in the navy, I returned to McNeese to finish my degree and moved to Florida. I went back to school and had a wonderful career working with delinquent and dependent children.  Over time, I served as institution superintendent, deputy chief of Florida's children's programs, and a stint as deputy assistant secretary of operations for all of Florida's health and social services.   l retired eight years ago to the quiet deep woods of north Florida.

I have been married over twenty five years to Marilyn Lake of Pensacola, retired engineer, best friend, and fishing partner...have four children, all doing well, three great daughters in Atlanta  (Karina, Adriana, and Krissa) and a good hard-working son, Martin, lives in Tampa, Florida - seven wonderful grandkids l love who wear me out when they visit.

l still miss Evergreen and the old school as l knew it and the many family, friends and teachers who cared for me, taught and helped me...still think those were among the best days of my life ...never would have made it without 'em.

Pelican Footnote:  Sonny was the son of Martin and Lillian Cox and a 1957 graduate of EHS.  He was a member of the band and basketball team and ran the mile and 880 yd. dash on the track team.  His siblings, Freda and Melvin, Jr., attended EHS until the family moved to Dequincy. Sonny's email address is
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