Evergreen Volunteer Fire Department Honors Ken Jans by Mike Tanner


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On June 29, the Evergreen Volunteer Fire Department recognized one of its giants and perhaps the last active member of the founding group, Ken Jans. The 6:00 meeting was held at the Fire Station/Town Hall. 

Decorative items for the event are shown in the picture below and included a beautifully decorated cake which included the language, “For Your Many Years of Service, Mr. Ken”.

In excess of a dozen former and current firemen, including new fire chief, Will Rogers were in attendance. Brother David Trimbur gave the blessing; Gerald Normand, former fire chief, conducted the recognition ceremony; and Ken cut the cake.

Gerald reviewed Ken’s involvements as a volunteer and expressed appreciation for his many years of dedicated service to the department. At the conclusion of his remarks, Gerald presented Ken with a beautiful watch which has the Fire Department emblem in the center. “EFD” is at the top and “Jans” at the bottom. 

Congratulations to Ken Jans on this recognition and for a job well done. Many Pelicans are grateful to him for his unselfish years of dedicated service as a volunteer fireman.

Pelican Footnote: Nettie Jans was mayor of Evergreen from 1982-85 and also the first woman mayor. Our community is indebted to both of them. Nettie currently is the care-taker of the funds donated to www.EvergreenLa.org

Story and pictures provided by Mike Tanner.


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