Bert St. Romain Celebrates 81st Birthday


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 Hi Ed, it's Bert's daughter, Jill.  I just wanted to share this with you.  Dad will turn 81 on Wednesday, so me, my husband Robert and our son Wesley got together with my brother, Chris, his wife Donna and one of his daughters, Jeanne along, of course with Dad and Velma for brunch yesterday.  Our son Wesley drew "Paw-Paw's Life".  It contained a cross for Dad's love for God with the Coast Guard seal in the middle, a Pelican for his love of the water, a swallow for his love of birds, Velma's initials for his love for her and at the bottom, he drew stars depicting Dad's survival of kidney cancer, colon cancer, pneumonia then the big one to the right of Velma's initials for Katrina.  We are so blessed to have this, as he has always said, "tough ol' bird ---" in our lives.  Jill




Submitted Monday, July 19, 2010



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