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Rabalais, Arnold and Bertha Dufour Rabalais
(Leslie Anthony, Allen Lucius, Marjorie Rabalais Attales, Harold James, Vera 
"Bee" Louise Rabalais Descant, Jewel Theresa Rabalais English,Richard, Ryan)
Goudeau - approximately eight miles from Evergreen at the corner of Hwy.361 
and Spring Bayou Road
Source: Ryan Rabalais 

Rabalais, Michael "Mike" Damien and Melanie Mary Dupuy Rabalais Stagg.
(Angie Rabalais Hudson, Cecelia "CeCe" Rabalais Ducote, Donna Rabalais Monk)
Michael passed away in 1990 at age 48 and later Melanie married Marshall Stagg.
Bayhills – near Rabbit Lane, across from Billy Smith’s Christmas Tree Farm
Source: Angie Rabalais Hudson 

Rabalais, Ogden Joseph and Armeide Marie St. Romain Rabalais
(Harold Joseph)
Hwy. 29 - Dora - across and close to the home of Nelson Andress and a next door neighbor to Howard Slocum.
Source: Geri St. Romain Hebert

Rabalais, Orville and Annie Mae McDonald Rabalais
(Greta Rabalais Trotter)
Source: Deborah “Debbie” Ann Riche’ Molan

Rachal, Felix Paul and Louise "Weeze" Mary Descant Rachal

(Peggy "Peg" Ann Rachal Miller)
Main Street in Evergreen, across from Little Flower Catholic Church
Source: Peggy "Peg" Ann Rachal Miller

Rachal, Willis Joseph and Cecelia Mary Descant Rachal
(Joyce Rachal Roy, Elaine Rachal Daigrepont)
Main Street Evergreen, across from Gene Heiman's Store
Source:  Joyce Rachal Roy

Redmon, Alvin "Bootsie" and Ollie Bordelon Redmon
(Martha Redmon Saylor, Carl Redmon, Ronnie Redmon)
Burns Road, Rabbit Lane, and Bayou Rouge (Cedar Lane)
Source: Martha Redmon Saylor and Ronnie Redmon

Riche’, Adelma Cletus and Winnie St. Martin Riche'
(Ray Mitchell, Cecelia Riche' Armand, Lawrence "Gree", Leslie "Jack", Alfred "Tim" Cyril)
Riche' Road, formerly T-Bayou Rouge Road
Source: Deborah "Debbie" Riche’ Molan

Riche’, Alfred "Tim” Cyril and Bernice "Tootsie" McDonald Riche'

(Deborah "Debbie" Ann Riche' Molan, Kathryn "Kathy" Cecelia Riche' Pflipsen, John "Jack" Alfred, Lynn Margaret Riche' David)

Riche' Road, formerly T- Bayou Rouge Road

Source: Deborah "Debbie" Ann Riche' Molan

Riche’, Lawrence “Gree” and Nellie Descant Riche’
(John Lawrence “Boo” Riche’)
Source: Deborah “Debbie” Ann Riche’ Molan

Riche', Leo Pope and Freda Descant Riche'
(Leo "June", Jr., Anna "Gail" Riche' Juneau, Susan "Sue-Sue" Kaye Riche' Earnest, Jon "Craig")
Riche' Road, formerly T-Bayou Rouge Road
Source: Susan Kaye Riche' Earnest

Riche’, Leslie “Jack” and Bernice Bowman Riche’
Source: Deborah “Debbie” Ann Riche’ Molan

Riche’, Louis “Clave” Sr. and Lenora Mary “Nora” Descant Riche’
(Harold “Dee”, Norris Joseph, Louis Clave “L.C.”, Jr., Beverly Ann Riche’ Laborde)
Evergreen – Main St.- Hwy. 29, next door to Mrs. Pierre “Granny” Descant and Mr. Anthony Smith
Source: Granny's Family Album II, 1981.

Riche’, Ray Mitchell and Theda Jeansonne Riche’
(Sharon Ann Riche’ Chesne)
Source: Deborah “Debbie” Ann Riche’ Molan

Riche', Roy Paul Sr. and  Alma Frances Young Riche'
(Roy "Boogie" Paul, Jr., Luther "Carroll", Kenneth "Ken" Lee, Joann Riche', Michael "Mike" Dale, Dwight "Ike" Martin)
Riche' Road, formerly called T-Bayou Rouge
Source: Ike Riche'

Robert, Edward Bane and Martha Davis Robert
(Ford Mayo; Vernon Mae; Edward Bane “Ted”, II; Frank Aaron; Willie Meade; Peyton Charles; Orlando Ulysses; Louis Davis)
Evergreen - Cotton Street. After Edward Bane Robert passed away, Ford quit high school during his senior year and the family moved from Washington to Evergreen. As the primary provider for his brothers and mother, Ford was instrumental in all of his brothers, except one, getting a college education with each helping each other in that goal.
Source: Bobbie Robert Flake and Three Pioneer Rapides Families, a book written by Dr. Stafford in 1946.

Robert, Ford Mayo and Lena Armand Robert
(Mary Faye Robert Clark, Louise Robert Candella, Mattye Robert Scallan, Huey “Drew”,
Bobbie Robert Flake, Opal Robert Neucere, Patricia Robert Gauthier)
Evergreen – Cotton Street – between Ellis Armand and Edley Turner families.
Source: Bobbie Robert Flake

Roberts, James A. and Blanche Amelia Bundy Roberts
(Maude Helen Roberts Briggs, Luther James Roberts, Beatrice Blanche Roberts Reed).

After death of James Roberts in 1899, Blanche married his brother Thomas.

Source – family records of Lynn DeBlance 

Roberts, Thomas Edward and Blanche Amelia Bundy Roberts
(Hill Thomas Roberts, Lewis Edward Roberts, Mildred Amelia Roberts DeBlance, William Wilson Roberts, Hilda Eugenia Roberts Marioneaux, Ogla Mae Roberts Waring).
Entire family moved from Evergreen to Beaumont, Texas around 1915.

Source – family records of Lynn DeBlance

Roberts, William S. and Amanda Ellen Futch
(Lucinda Roberts Mathews, Leonara Roberts Cushman, Henry Roberts, Melissa Roberts Whittington, William Wilson Roberts, James A. Roberts, Thomas Edward Roberts).
Evergreen - site of residence is unknown, but family settled as farmers in area around 1850.
Source – family records of Lynn DeBlance

Robson, William and Mildred Rachal Robson
Marvin "Tee" Lee, Ethel Robson Taylor, Betty Ann Robson Daigrepont)
Bayou Rouge - Hwy. 361 - about three miles South of Evergreen.
Source: Ethel Robson Taylor

Rogers, James Ray and Cherly Ann Blanchard Rogers
(Casey Rogers, Jamie Rogers, Bryan Paul Blanco, Phillip Thomas Blanco)
Source: Annabelle Jeansonne Blanchard

Roy, Edsel John and Joyce Marie Rachal Roy
(Kevin John and Kayla Marie Roy Janak)
Source: Joyce Marie Rachal Roy


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