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Malbrough, Joseph D. and Faye Armand Malbrough
(Johanna Malbrough McMullan, Joseph D. Jr., D'Anna F. Malbrough, David E.)
Source: Carol Armand Pellegrin

Mayeaux, Lawrence Ellis and Lottie Mae Reynolds Mayeaux
(Lawrence “Pete” Ellis, Jr., Mark Scott, Kathy Lynn Mayeaux Lemoine, Sheila Kay Mayeaux Kight)
Evergreen – corner of Hwy. 361 (Goudeau Rd.) and Hill Street
Source: Sheila Mayeaux Kight

McDonald, Daniel and Audree McDonald
(Jeri McDonald Ayers, Scott, Jon)
Source: Deborah “Debbie” Ann Riche Molan

McDonald, John and Frances Dubroc McDonald Thevenot
(Daniel, Annie Mae McDonald Rabalais, Bernice "Tootsie" McDonald Riche')
(After John's death, Frances married Herbert Thevenot)
Evergreen - Hwy. 29 - between the start of Riche' Road and Dora
Source: Deborah Riche’ Molan

McNamara, Darla Ann Descant
(Erin Celestine McNamara and Kaitlin Marie McNamara)
Source: Darla Ann Descant McNamara  

Mitchell, Edward and Rena Mary Milligan Mitchell
(Regina Gaye Mitchell Andrus, Janet Ann Mitchell Van Mol, Edward Gary)
Evergreen – Bay Hills – one mile past Riche’ Lane going toward Hessmer, next door to Gilbert and Rosalie Mitchell.
Source: Rena Mary Milligan Mitchell

Mitchell, Gilbert and Rosalie Aymond Mitchell
(Edward, Freddie) 
Evergreen - Bayhills - Hwy. 115 - one mile past Riche Lane going toward Hessmer.

Source: Rena Mary Milligan Mitchell

Molan, James Edward and Deborah Ann Riche' Molan
(Kenneth Edward Molan, Brandi Kathryn Tanner Chambless, William Jabez "Jabo" Tanner, Ava Bray Tanner Hebert)
Source: Deborah "Debbie" Riche’ Molan

Monk, Daniel Glen and Madonna "Donna" Lynn Rabalais Monk
(Emily Danielle Monk, Kyle Daniel)

Bayhills – near Rabbit Lane, across from Billy Smith’s Christmas Tree Farm

Source: Madonna "Donna" Lynn Rabalais Monk


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