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Galland, Adelma Joseph and Annie Wilson Galland
(Mary Marine Galland Carmouche, Ivory "Dee" Galland Riche'
Evergreen -Burns Road - Hwy 1178 - between Herman "Human" Paul Carmouche Family and Walter Joseph Dugas Family and at the corner of Short St. and Kemper St.
Source: Ivory "Dee" Galland Riche'

Galland, Dr. Mark William and Amy Quarles Galland
(Stella Catherine Galland)
Source: Ronnie Galland

Galland, Ozamae Francois, Jr. and Perle Mary Guillot Galland
(Georgie G. Dauzat, Ronald "Ronnie" Charles, Susan Galland Moreau, Cynthia
Galland Cappel, Stephen)
"Toke" Gill Lane about a mile out of the Evergreen City limits toward
Goudeau; Hill Street, next to T. Robson's current grocery store; and Hwy.
29, near Ervin Gauthier's current mechanic shop
Source: Ronnie Galland

Galland, Ozeme Francois and Ida Riche' Galland
(Cleveland, Ward, Curry, Selina Galland Dino, Ozamae Jr., Lena Galland Aymond, Calvin)
"Toke" Gill Lane about a mile out of the Evergreen City limits toward Goudeau
Source: Ronnie Galland

Galland, Ronald "Ronnie" Galland and Dorrinne Furtado Galland
(Dr. Mark William)
Source:  Ronnie Galland

Galland, Rushing "Boy" Joseph and Merlyn Fontenot Galland
(Lloyd Anthony, Sheila Ann Galland , Sharon Marie Galland Boswell )
Evergreen: Several locations, but lastly on Hwy. 361, the current residence of Merlyn.
Source: Sharon Marie Galland Boswell

Galland, Ward Joseph and Emily Ann Guillot

(Ernest Joseph, Elouise Theresa Galland Beard, Gerald, Geraldine "Gerry" Galland Sheets, Elson Paul)
Bayou Rouge - Hwy. 361 - about half way between Evergreen and Goudeau
Source: Geraldine "Gerry" Galland Sheets

Gaspard, Ray and Mona Jean "Jeannie" Bordelon Gaspard
(Monique Charmaine Gaspard Jarreau, Shantelle Lynn Gaspard Davidson)
Source: Maurine Bordelon LaCour

Gauthier, Euris Joseph and Lillie Mae Redmon Gauthier
(Albert Ray, Ervin Lee, Marvin "Tee" Edward, Myrtle Rae Gauthier Lemoine,
Murphy, Shirleen Gauthier Armand, Clyde Gene, Ella Mae Gauthier Cooper
Mitchell, Russell)
Evergreen (Main St. - Hwy. 29, across from EHS and next to the railroad
Source: Ervin Gauthier

Gauthier, Ervin Lee and Elaine Ducote Hukins Gauthier
(Christine Ann Gauthier Campbell, Sheila Maria Gauthier Juneau, Chad Hukins,
Thad Hukins, Bruce Hukins, Jr., Sherry Hukins Aymond)
Source: Ervin Gauthier

Goudeau, Cecil Edmond Sr.and Audrey Florence Goudeau
(Joseph "Wayne", Shirley Jean Goudeau, Laura Regina "Gina" Goudeau, Susan Mary Goudeau Nehring, Cecil Edmond "Ed", Jr.)
Hwy. 361 – six miles from Evergreen, four miles from Goudeau – actually on a gravel road across the bayou from Hwy. 361.

Source: Joseph “Wayne” Goudeau  

Goudeau, Wilbur Ray and Mildred May Allen Goudeau
(Ray "Mike" "Mickey" Allen, Sandra Flo Goudeau Riche’, Jacytha "Cynthia" Ellen Goudeau Riche’ Charrier, Carmen Gail Goudeau Hirschmann)
Goudeau – Hwy.361 - Heart of Goudeau, Post Office, Store, Residence.
Source: Marianna Allen Ritter

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