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David, Stephen Paul and Lynn Margaret Riche’ David
(Brooke Lemoine Achee, Stephen Paul David, Jr., William Robert David,
Jeffrey Thomas David, Lauren Riche’ David)
Source:  Lynn Margaret Riche’ David

Descant, Edgar "Pega" Paul and Lillian "Yon" Grace Matthews Descant
(Murphy Herman, Nellie "Nell" Rose Descant Franks, Dale "Buck" John, Kerry Paul)
Evergreen (Main St. - Hwy. 29), next to Mrs. Pierre "Granny" Descant.
Source: Dale "Buck" John Descant

Descant, James Patrick and Tone Hovland Descant
Source:  James Patrick Descant

Descant, Murry Joseph and Dorothy "Dot" Marie Lacour Descant
(James Wayne)
Source: Granny's Family Album II, 1981.

Descant, Pierre "Pete" Joseph and Celestine Mary Armand Descant
(Lenora Mary Descant Riche, Lizera Mary Descant Barron, Clophine Mary Descant Dugas, Larma "Jake" Herman, Isabel Mary Descant Rabalais, Edgar "Pega" Paul, Elise Mary Descant Trump, Louise Mary Descant Rachal,  Leo Joseph, Cecilia Mary Descant Rachal, Murry Joseph, Marvin Joseph, Pierre "Pete" "P.D." Joseph, Jr., Eura Vee Theresa Descant Ortego)
Tee Bayou Rouge, Evergreen (Main St. - Hwy. 29)
Source: Ed Dugas
Descant, Pierre "P.D." or "Pete" Joseph Descant, Jr. and Ura "V" Virginia Armand Descant
(Denny Pierre and Darla Ann Descant McNamara)
Source: Darla Ann Descant McNamara 

Descant, James Wayne and Patricia "Pat" Guillory Descant
(James Patrick)
Source: Granny's Family Album II, 1981.

Ducote, Carl Paul and Beverly Saucier Ducote 
(Blake, Keisha Ducote Bergeron, Carla Ducote Juneau)
Evergreen - Bay Hills – Hwy. 115, across from the golf course.

Source: Beverly Saucier Ducote

Ducote, Clinton and Sybil Duplechein Ducote
(Mary Louise Ducote Villemarette, Carl Paul, Darnell Ducote Clark) 
Evergreen - Bay Hills - Hwy. 115 – in front of the golf course.
Source: Beverly Saucier Ducote

Ducote, Clyde M. and Lollie Lee Tanner Ducote
(Mary Jo Ducote McCoy, Evelyn Ducote Corrado, Linda L. Ducote Cox, Clyde M.
Jr., Edward Richard)
Tanner Hill area, off Hwy. 361, between Evergreen and Goudeau
Source:  Evelyn Ducote Corrado

Ducote, Donat Sylvert and Lilly Rogers Ducote
(L. “Dale”)
Bay Hills – next door to the Bay Hills Methodist Church at the corner of Church Road and Hwy. 115 near Riche Road
Source: L. “Dale” Ducote

Ducote, Douglas and Cecelia "CeCe" Rabalais Ducote
(Allyn Elizabeth Ducote, Spencer Michael)
BBQ house of my parents (briefly) in the Bayhills- near Rabbit Lane, across from Billy Smith's Christmas Tree Farm

Source: Cecelia "CeCe" Rabalais Ducote

Ducote, Raymond J. and Amanda Gremillion Ducote
(Richard, Julienne Ducote Spencer, Wayne, Joel, Anita Ducote Gabriel)
Evergreen - Hwy. 361 - on left side of highway after hard curve at former
Dr. W. A. Quirk house going toward Goudeau.
Source: Julienne Ducote Spencer

Dufour, Mark and Pamela "Pam" Faye Blanchard Dufour
(Heath )
Source: Annabelle Jeansonne Blanchard

Dugas, Edmond "Ed" A. and Marilyn Bordelon Dugas
(Donna Marie Dugas Pearson, Paul D., Lesley Ann Dugas Angelle, John A., Lauralee Dugas Labit)
Source:  Ed Dugas
Dugas, Edmond Joseph and Lydia Mary Landry
(Comey Jean, Walter Joseph, Lawrence, Glenn, Marie Dugas, Helen Dugas Grote, Norbert, Lillian Dugas Ramsey)
Source: Edmond Anthony Dugas
Dugas, Walter Joseph and Clophine "Clo" Descant Dugas
(Ruth Ellen Dugas Albritton, Geraldine "Jerry" Rita Dugas Francois, Edmond "Ed" A.,  Walter "Dub" Joseph)
Tee Bayou Rouge, Evergreen (Main St. - Hwy. 29), Evergreen (Burns Rd. - Hwy. 1178
Source: Ed Dugas
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