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Albritton, Benny "Bee" Bernard, Jr. and Patricia Hanks Albritton
(Candice "Renee" Albritton Aquirre)
Source: Karla Albritton

Albritton, Benny "Bee" Bernard Albritton, Sr. and Frances Gene Berry Albritton
(Benny "Bee" Bernard, Jr., Karla Albritton, Dennis "Wayne")
Evergreen - Rabbit Lane - South of Clifton "Cliff" Aymond
Source: Karla Albritton

Albritton, Dennis "Wayne"
(April Albritton, Casey Albritton)

Source: Karla Albritton

Albritton, Jacob "J.C." Cauley Albritton and Annie Lenora Moak Albritton

(Eva Rae Albritton Redmon, Jacob "J.C." Cauley, Jr., Luther "L.E." E., Bennie "Bee", Ulysses Simpson, William "Bill" Andrew, Junion "Moak", Claudia "Pete" Rae, Martha Drewlene Albritton Johnson, Charles "Babe" Martin Alvin)

Rabbit Lane, between Joe Toodleum and Clifton "Cliff" Aymond

Source: William "Bill" Andrew Albritton

Albritton, William "Bill" Andrew and Ruth Ellen Dugas Albritton

(Donna "Jeannie" Jean Albritton Ferguson, Katherine "Kathy" Albritton Manda, William "Billy" Andrew, Jr., Mary Carolyn Albritton Thoman)
Evergreen - Burns Rd. - Hwy. 1178  - about a mile from Hwy. 29
Source: Ruth Ellen Dugas Albritton

Allen, William Ogden and Jane Emiline Newman Allen
(Boy – un-named, John Newman, William Thomas, Allie L. Allen, Priscilla Cornelia Allen Nixon, Tuesette Pierce Allen, Gordon Hayworth, Ina Alice Allen) (Un-named boy, Annie L., and Ina Alice lived less than a year).
Evergreen – Hwy. 361 - along Bayou Rouge toward Goudeau
Source: Marianna Allen Ritter

Allen, William "Willie" Thomas and Mary Ellen Dunn Allen
(Eva Gertrude Allen Welch, James Ogden, Mildred May Allen Goudeau, Ivy Sylvester, Edna Ellen Allen, Francis Adolph, Willie Robie Allen Aragon)
Evergreen - Bay Hills – Hwy.115, about ¼ of a mile South of the Northern intersection of Bay Hills Church Road and Hwy. 115,  near Riche’ Road and directly across the road from the Hardy place.   
Source: Marianna Allen Ritter

Andrus, David and Regina Gaye Mitchell Andrus
(Jessica Rene Andrus, Brandon)
Source: Rena Mary Milligan Mitchell

Armand, Curry "Red" J. and Shirley Jane Stewart Armand
(Vickey Armand Henley, Douglas "Doug", Stewart)
Source: Obituary, Houston Chronicle, Oct. 15, 2008 and Carol Armand Pellegrin

Armand, Ellis D. and Joyce Wilson Armand

(Mary "Faye" Armand Malbrough and Carol "Tiny" Armand Pellegrin)
Corner of Cotton St. in Evergreen, next to the Ford Robert Family
Source: Carol "Tiny" Armand Pellegrin

Armand, Wilton “Took” and Cecelia “Ceel” Riche’ Armand
(Rodney, Mary Ellen Armand Jeansonne, Elaine Armand Thevenot, Gregory “Peck”)
Riche’ Road, formerly called T-Bayou Rouge
Source: Deborah “Debbie” Ann Riche’ Molan

Aymond, Clifton "Cliff" and Lena Galland Aymond
(Dr. Harold, Barbara Aymond Bowman, Cecil "Pete")
Rabbit Lane, between the Spencers and the Albrittons
Source:  Dr. Harold Aymond

Aymond, Dannie and Lela Bordelon Aymond
(Ryan, Danny, Margaret Ann Aymond)   
Source: Mable Bordelon Aymond and Ellen Aymond LaBorde

Aymond, Haywood and Maggie Bordelon Aymond
Children: Emma Lou Aymond Armand Venable, Gloria Aymond, Dale)
Evergreen (Clifton Hollinshed house apartment on Hill St.) and Rabbit Lane
between Dicken Bordelon and J. C. Albritton
Source: Mabel Bordelon Aymond and Ellen Aymond LaBorde

Aymond, Laymon Paul and Mable Bordelon Aymond
(Elaine Christine Aymond Davis, Mary Ellen Aymond LaBorde, Marla Jean Aymond
Atwell, Paul Gerard)
Source: Mabel Bordelon Aymond and Ellen Aymond LaBorde




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