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Peggy Brouillette – Wake and Funeral by Debbie Riche’ Molan


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Published March 26, 2009

Many of us from the hospital attended the wake and funeral for our dear
friend, Peggy.  Barring none, it was the most beautiful, well-planned (I know she planned every detail) and heart-warming good-bye I have ever attended.  The wake was held at the CYO next to the church.  I don't know if that was planned due to space or for sentimental reasons. 

Friends and relatives from far and wide were there - many people I had not seen in many years.  Many stories circulated about Peggy, some very touching and some very funny.  Dale, Beau and Doty were radiant and so very gracious.

Following the recitation of the rosary and a brief "homily" by Dr. Lemoine, Peggy's
long-time friend, we moved to the church for Holy Mass.  The choir Peggy and Dale sang in for years at St. Mary's and an all men's parish choir that Dale belongs to sang and the rafters shook and then became still as the music and words became like a whisper.  I have chills thinking about it.

Father Raj, St. Mary's priest for the past 7 years, offered beautiful words about Peggy and his association with her; the only priest I have ever heard refer to a deceased lay person as "holistic". He said that we knew her in one aspect of her life, but he knew her from the spritual aspect. He called her a "holy woman".  Wow!  And to think she was MY friend!  Isn't that awesome.

When the priest had blessed the body and casket and prepared for departure from the church, the choir sang "What a Wonderful World".  As Father Raj turned to lead the
procession out of the church, he was crying. 

Then as we all walked out and the body was placed in the hearse, we stood and watched as the hearse drove away to take this precious body to the crematoriam. The cremains will be returned for burial in the mauseleom.  Those of us who rode together, drove by her house before we left Cottonport to go back to work, so we could say a final good-by and enjoy another look at her beautiful yard that she so loved and worked so diligently in.

I only hope that at least one time in my most recent friendship with Peggy  (over the past 10 years) that I was as good a friend to her as she was to me.  I hope I made her laugh as she has made me laugh, I hope I hugged her as tightly when she was troubled as she hugged me when I  was troubled, I hope I gave comfort when she needed it as she gave me comfort when I needed comfort, I hope I was always honest and sincere with her as she was always honest and sincere with me,  I hope I can become a holy woman as she was a holy woman, and I hope I can be with her at the end of my journey on this earth.

I thank God for his gift of Peggy to me.  And Pegoo, if you can read this, please have a dance or two with my daddy and tell him I love him!

Pelican Footnote:  Debbie Riche’ Molan (Mrs. Jim) is a 1964 EES graduate and a 1968 CHS graduate.  Her Memories letters make for enjoyable reading. Debbie collected and typed many of the initial letters which are now post 

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