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Hot Time at the Bunkie Dairy Queen During Hurricane Audrey by Ed Dugas


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Published August 31, 2008
When Hurricane Audrey hit Avoyelles, I had just finished my junior year of high school and had a summer job at the Bunkie Dairy Queen.  It was owned by Dr. Guiffre' of Cottonport and managed by Clarence Blanchard.  Clarence hired me to pick up trash and told me he would later work me in as a Dairy Queen soda jerk if I was a good worker. Several people quit on my first day of work, so I was got promoted pretty fast (I guess he figured if I did a good job with the trash, I could be taught how to serve ice cream).  I would phone Ruth and Jerry after each work shift and tell them I was going to work another shift...they were in disbelief. I had showed up to pick up trash around 6:30 for a 7:30 job and ended up closing the place at 11:00.  Clarence thought it was a pretty good first day and I was a very happy camper when I left around midnight.
I worked the morning, afternoon, and night shifts that first day and really enjoyed it.  Shortly after my job at the Dairy Queen started, Hurricane Audrey hit the Bunkie/Evergreen area while I was at work. Clarence came by and told us that once power was lost we should get rid of everything which needed refrigeration.  We had a ball.  I told my two outside clean-up boys to go tell their families and friends to "come on down"  and let us serve them. Although the weather was terrible,  many people took us up on the opportunity.  Large dishes with mixtures of cherry, strawberry, chocolate, pineapple, dressings, etc., were served up.  While all this was going on,  Audrey got closer and about 7-8 people remained when things got too bad for anyone to leave.  After a while, our young helpers and their friends needed the bathroom.  However, shortly before this occurred, a fellow worker from Bunkie told me that the bathroom door was locked and showed me where the key was hidden. 
This anecdote gives credence to the saying, "You are only going to have as much fun as you are willing to make for yourself."



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