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Hiding in Coat Rack Strategy by Billy Wright Hilleren


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Published September 8, 2008
I think you might appreciate my main memory of Mr. Smith.  "Mrs. Wright", the name we had to call Mother at school, put me outside of the classroom standing in the hall when I misbehaved on this particular occasion in first grade.  When I heard Mr. Smith coming down the hall, I hid behind the coats hanging on the rack, thinking I could not be seen because I could not see him.  Of course, my legs were fully visible.  He stopped right in front of me, called me out from behind the coats, and asked why I was in the hall.  When I told him, he told me to go with him to his office.  There in full sight on the wall was the paddle with all the nails in it that we had heard he used on the boys. I was petrified.  He sat me in the chair by his desk and talked to me about improving my behavior.  When I managed to speak, I agreed to behave. He then gave me a sucker and told me to go back and ask Mrs. Wright if I could return to her class.  As I recall, that was the only time I was ever in Mr. Smith's office and the last time I was punished by having to stand in the hall.  Those were the good old days!  
Pelican Footnote:  Billy is the daughter of Barbara Wright (Mrs. Porter), who taught first grade for 29 years at EHS/EES. Billy (Mrs. David) was a 1962 graduate of EES and a 1966 graduate of Bunkie High School. Practicing attorneys, she and David's law office is located at Oakwold Plantation in Evergreen.





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