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Published January 16, 2009

Everybody knew him

As a man of truth and good

If he found you "in a bind"

He'd help you if he could

You'd want him as a friend

Most anybody would

That was Bill Albritton

He knew right from wrong

Honesty – hard work pays

A man of times now past

Called "The good old days"

He could not be beat

In not too many ways

That was Bill Albritton

He could tell 'bout livin'

Like not too many can

He'd see just who you are

If you're "a fake" – "a man"

He lived a very simple life

That always was his plan

That was Bill Albritton

You wouldn't try to fool

Or trick this gentle man

You couldn't sell him short

Or even think you can

He'd see right through

A no good cheater's plan

That was Bill Albritton

Folks in Evergreen say

Fishin' was his yearnin'

You'd often find him in his boat

Reel in hand a turnin"

His desire to "wet a hook"

Just kept on a burnin'

That was Bill Albritton

When it came to catchin' fish

He just could not be beat

White perch – bass or bream

To watch him was a treat

He'd catch so many fish

He'd share with friends to eat

That was Bill Albritton

He had a way of livin'

A heart as good as gold

He loved his kids and Ruth

A tender soul I'm told

And one thing is for sure

He'd not be bought or sold

That was Bill Albritton

Every time you'd meet him

You'd know he made your day

You'd feel it deep within your soul

He'd make you feel that way

And when he had to leave

You'd wish that he could stay

That was Bill Albritton

Men that add a spark to life

Are very seldom found

He had – as the saying goes

"Both feet on the ground"

This world is just a better place

Because Bill was around

That was Bill Albritton

Yep – That was Bill Albritton



10/14/26 - 1/13/09


Dedicated to Bill Albritton


Erik B. Nelson



Pelican Footnote:  Erik B. Nelson, a  close friend of Ed Dugas,  became a regular visitor to Evergreen and, thus,  a good friend of Bill and his family.  In addition to writing the poem upon learning of Bill’s passing, he also read it at the funeral service of Jan. 15, 2008.


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