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Evergreen Reunion Newsletter Update Of May 14, 2008

Dear Evergreen Pelicans,
After speaking with Anna Belle this morning and corresponding with others earlier this week, it looks like many of the details and refined logistics are falling into place for Saturday as anticipated.  In addition to the May 6 update posted on www.EvergreenReunion.org it is felt that these reminders may be helpful in making for a more enjoyable reunion.
As you enter the front of the Little Flower Church Hall, please obtain a Welcome Greeting which will provide an overview of the activities. Much anticipation has been expressed about the DVDs and slide show which will be going on concurrently in different parts of the hall...be sure you view each of them. 
A few more volunteers (especially males), could be used on Friday.  Please contact Anna Belle at (318)346-6724.  She and the Civic Club will be decorating and arranging things throughout the day. They will begin around mid-morning, so please phone her if you are able to help - even if for an hour or so.  Your help is appreciated.
The Hospitality Booth will have cold drinks and coffee - and we also ask people to bring snacks and refreshments to share with others.  Boogie Riche' , HB coordinator, indicated that the former EHS students on Riche' Road donated to this cause and others will be providing additional treats to make this a wonderful area to visit.  You are welcome to bring your own drinks and refreshments.
Please sign for your posed pictures as early as possible so Mike Tanner can get to everyone who wants pictures either of classes, groups of classes (if numbers for your class are small), family, friends, etc.  You will be filmed at the same time - so your presence and action on this request is appreciated. 
Parking will be a bear.  Please try to park away from the church parking lot if at all possible, so people who need to load and unload supplies can get in and out.  Also, it would be good to save room in the parking lot for our senior citizens and those with handicapped parking permits.  Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.
Mike Tanner has informed me that the Evergreen Volunteer Firemen will be a sponsor of the Evergreen website.  Some people have indicated they wish to be donate a memorial to a loved one...all this will be covered in the 2:00 announcements and recognitions.  Yes, there will be some singing at the end (one song).  We could not have an ER without that. 
Until Saturday, may the good Lord bless and keep you  -  and please continue to talk-up the ER.  We look forward to seeing each of you on Saturday. 
Peace, Ed Dugas   

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