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Evergreen Reunion Newsletter Update Of May 6, 2008



This email is posted as the May 6 update on www.EvergreenReunion.org where new pictures are posted for the ’83 and ‘90 Reunion pages. Thanks to Ryan Rabalais for providing these pictures and to Dale for posting.  Remember May 17th is “Wear Green Day Announcements/recognitions are scheduled for 2:00...these will be brief, as no planned program is scheduled. 

Please note the April 8 update contains the samples of memories letters. You are encouraged to send your memories letter so it can be added to the collection.  Send to ead9743@louisiana.edu  Thank you!  Please remind those who do not email that they may submit their memories letter at the ER and it will be typed and posted later.  Please include name, mailing address and phone number.

Please find below a brief overview of some needs which are still unmet and some of the opportunities available for those seeking involvement in the ER

Anna Belle and the Civic Club will be organizing and decorating the Little Flower Church Hall on Friday, May 16. beginning at 9:00 a.m.  She could use some help, so please contact her at (318) 346-6724 if you would like to volunteer. Her group will be moving items from the museum to the church hall. Male volunteers are needed to help with the tables arrangement, etc. Yes, the new tables have arrived in time for the ER.

Mike Tanner  (318)346-7572  will be taking digital pictures of classes, families , etc..  The ER Committee is seeking the services of a videographer.  This volunteer should be someone who enjoys filming people having a good time and who wishes to help preserve our Evergreen history. Interested persons should contact Mike Tanner at (318)346-7572.

DVDs have been made of the 1983 and 1990 ERs and one has been made of the 1983 Male Beauty Contest sponsored by the Little Flower Church.  Hopefully, one will be made of the 2008 ER.  The ER Committee is seeking a person who is willing to duplicate these DVDs based on paid orders. The person may expect to be remunerated for their time, effort, expenses.  The person would not be expected to mass produce these orders in a brief time. Reasonable expectations would be established.  Interested persons should contact Ed Dugas at (318)896-4335 or email ead9743@louisiana.edu  ASAP. Thanks.

Highlights of the above DVDs will be on display at the ER, along with a slide show of the ’83 and ’90 ERs by Ryan Rabalais.  These three stations will operate independently from each other and their contents repeated approximately every 15 minutes. 

Roy “Boogie” Riche, Jr. is coordinating the Hospitality Booth.  Please contact him at royricheinsurance@kricket.net or (318)876-2711. He needs a few volunteers to help staff the HB for a brief period.  Those who wish to provide refreshments (to accompany coffee & cokes) for the HB are encouraged to contact Boogie or simply bring them to the ER.

Pics From The Past


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