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Evergreen Reunion Newsletter Update Of April 23, 2008



 12:30-3:30    May 17    Little Flower Catholic Church Hall    “Wear Green Day”

 Why is it important that you attend? In addition to the obvious reasons, like nourishing your Evergreen roots and visit with friends and classmates – this ER will provide an opportunity to create new memories, help preserve the past, and plan for the future;

  The ER Committee will be taking digital pictures and video of the classes and the families in attendance, so the pictures may be added to the Evergreen website after the reunion.  It is important that this event be documented to the greatest extent possible;

 Enjoy the DVDs and power point presentations at various locations of the church hall.  These will run continuously on 12-15 minute loops so you can enjoy the 1983 and 1990 ERs, as well as the 1983 Male Beauty Contest sponsored by the Little Flower Church Fair.  Yes,  D.D. Dubroc stole the show with his amazing beauty to win over the other nine contestants.

 Enjoy the memorabilia and pictures which will be on display by the Evergreen Civic Club.

 Learn about the new Evergreen website and how you can participate in documenting your Evergreen Memories, submit a memorial for your parents, and include a picture in the photo gallery.  The current EvergreenReunion.org website has some examples which may help you  envision the possibilities of the new website.

 Evergreen Memories letters will be collected. These will be placed on the Evergreen website.

 What does the ER Committee hope you will do before the ER?  Write your memories letter and inform friends, neighbors, family, and classmates of the reunion so everyone receives the information. Reach out to others.  Please don’t assume everyone knows about the ER. Encourage their attendance. Cite the above reasons for attending.  Thank you for helping.

 What does the ER Committee ask that you bring to the ER?  Your attendance is the most important thing.  If others items are possible, bring pictures, tapes, memorabilia, etc. – anything which will help the ER Committee document our past.  Please identify the contents of each picture so captions may be included. Once placed on the Evergreen website, the hard copies of the pictures will be placed in the Evergreen Museum. Yes, arrangements can be made for pictures to be scanned later and returned to you. OR, you may scan in a jpeg file and send to Ed Dugas at any time at ead9743@louisiana.edu

Soft drinks and coffee will be available. Please note the no-alcohol policy in the church hall..

Everyone who emails is asked to send Ed Dugas the names of persons who they think will attend (non-binding – just a rough idea) by Sunday, May 4 This will help in the planning. Please ask people with email addresses to email Ed at ead9743@louisiana.edu so the Evergreen Email Address Book is as complete as possible.  Registration will be held at the church hall.

The Evergreen Reunion Committee include: *Anna Belle Jeansonne Blanchard (318) 346-6724;*Larry "Mickey" Chenevert (318) 876-2195; Ed Dugas ead9743@louisiana.edu; Ronnie Galland (225)473-9085; Maudie Holston Gauthier (318) 563-4307; Glynn Kohler (318) 487-1725;  Nannie "Nan" Haydel Lemoine (318) 876-3426; Doris Ortolano dorisorto@yahoo.com;  Bernice "Tootsie" McDonald Riche' (318) 876-3677;Roy “Boogie” Riche’, Jr. royricheinsurance@kricket.net; Kay Tanner okk@bellsouth.net; Mike Tanner  tannplant@bellsouth.net*

Please check
www.EvergreenReunion.org for updates between now and May 17th.


Pics From The Past


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