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Evergreen Reunion Newsletter Update Of 03/21/2008


Dale Descant has created the Evergreen Reunion web site at www.EvergreenReunion.org  Further, he has also designed a clickable banner in the upper right corner of www.bunkie.com which takes viewers directly to the ER website. The ER Committee is deeply appreciative to Dale for this special assistance.
You are encouraged to click on both websites and click to subscribe to the newsletter of each.  Dale provides Bunkie with an awesome communications vehicle through Bunkie.com and now he is helping his home town in a much needed manner.  Check www.EvergreenReunion.org for periodic updates and the update archives.
Larry "Mickey" Chenevert, publicity chair, indicates that p.s.a.s have been received by four T.V. stations, three radio stations and five newspapers.  You may assist Mickey in his efforts to promote the ER by using information from the ER website to contact media in your area for promotional assistance. Please communicate with him of your efforts in this regard (jpolozolac1@hotmail.com).
Pastor Robert Tanner, Bayou Rouge Baptist Church, distributed a newsletter last Sunday about the ER.
While media assistance promoting the ER is good, please remember, word of mouth - especially from a friend, relative, classmate, etc., is still the most meaningful way to encourage attendance. Your efforts in this area are appreciated.  At this time, names and email addresses are important.  So please send people to the ER website so they can subscribe to the newsletter and be connected.
The ER Committee members are listed on the ER home page.  Many others are working with them to make the ER an enjoyable event.  My deep appreciation is extended to those who are getting involved and spreading the word.
Happy Easter to you and your loved ones.  Remember, he is the reason for the season.
Peace, Ed Dugas  (Class of 1958)
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