Osias Delanos Matthew

The information contained in the Civil War Page of Osias Delanos Matthew was provided by his great-great-granddaughter, Katherine Melancon Lafleur. Osias Delanos Matthews' father was Mathew Madisfon Matthews, who resided in Evergreen. Katherine cited the Confederate Research Center, P.O. Box 619, Hillsboro, TX 76645 as the source of her information.
These files were edited by Ryan Rabalais and James "Patrick" Descant.


Page 1 Osias Delanos Matthews General Index Card
Page 2 Evergreen Invincible pg.473
Page 3 Regiment Assignments pg.474
Page 4 Regiment Assignments pg.475
Page 5 Regiment Assignments pg.476
Page 6 Campaign Map 1 Atlanta Campaign pg.478
Page 7 Campaign Map 2 Illinois and Indiana Campaign


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