Marvin Joseph Descant

Pvt. Marvin Joseph Descant
The 12th child born to Mary Celestine Armand and Pierre Joseph Descant was Marvin Joseph.  Marvin was born on August 15, 1924 on T-Bayou Rouge.
Marvin entered the Army on July 2, 1943. He was sent to Camp Callan, California to begin training in the Anti-Aircraft Division.  After being transferred to Fort Benning, Georgia, Marvin won the right to wear the world-famous wings and boots of the United States Volunteer Paratrooper and was assigned to the 101st  Airborne Division.
On September 18, 1944, Private Marvin Joseph Descant, Army serial number 38-486-267, was mortally wounded in action near Hungerford, Germany. The military records reveal that he was buried in Zon Cemetery #1, grave number 32, row 2, plot A. On February 3, 1949, Marvin's reburial ceremony was held in Evergreen with interment in the Cottonport Cemetery.
Marvin was admired and respected by all who knew him. It appears he had so much goodness and kindness to offer all our family. Yet, he was a fighter.  Bullies in the C.C.C. Camps knew Marvin was their worst enemy.
In closing, the words of Chaplin Joseph A. Dunne, writing to Granny (Mrs. Pierre Descant) on July 26, 1945, seem most appropriate for Marvin and Granny:  "I am sure that you can feel confident that you will see your boy in heaven, for he certainly was an outstanding Catholic soldier who loved his God and his country."
Source Narrative:  Granny's Family Album Part II, Edmond Anthony Dugas, 1981.
Source Picture:  Jan Ortego Geal, Marvin's niece 
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