Harold Rabalais

Harold was born in Goudeau, Louisiana to Arnold Rabalais and Bertha Dufour Rabalais on April 13, 1925. He attended EHS and later joined the Navy soon after WW II started. Harold's initial assignment was to serve on the destroyer USS Frasier. However, while engaged in battle, the Frazier
incurred bow damage after ramming a Japanese submarine and was sent to Pearl Harbor for repairs. Shortly thereafter, Harold was assigned to the aircraft carrier USS Saginaw Bay. The carrier was involved in island-hopping thoughout the South Pacific.

After the war Harold and his wife Theresa made their home in Algiers,
Louisiana, where he was employed by Southern Pacific Railroad. They had three children, as follow: Robert, Sandra and Patrica.

Theresa has since passed away, but Harold still lives in Algiers.

Submitted November, 2008 by Ryan Rabalais, brother, and a 1951 EHS graduate.
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