Dale Ducote

Naval Experience: I served in the U S Navy from June, 1943 until May, 1946. After completing boot camp at the Navy Training Center in San Diego, I was transferred to the Naval Air Station at North Island across the Bay from San Diego. I was assigned to CASU-5, a Carrier Aircraft Service Unit, where I learned to be an aircraft mechanic. I serviced Fighter Airplanes - the F6F Hellcat and the F4U Corsair.

The unit serviced squadrons whose pilots were practicing aircraft landings on the U S S Ranger that was stationed in San Diego. The squadrons also practiced shooting rockets at the training grounds at Twenty Nine Palms, CA. Often my crew would accompany the squadrons on their exercises.

After the war was over, I was transferred to the Naval Air Station in Cavite, P. I. which is across the Bay from Manila. I remained there until I was eligible for discharge.

I hitch-hiked by air to Honolulu where I boarded a troop ship to return to the states. The ship traveled through the Panama Canal up to the Brooklyn Naval Yard. The trip took three weeks! I read a book each day to pass the time! Then I rode a train to New Orleans where I received my discharge in May, 1946.

I was a land based sailor for almost three years!!

Louisiana Honor Air Flight: This flight to Washington, D.C. was made on October 24, 2009 by Dale and his son, Al. They flew to Washington for a one day tour of the World War II, Korean War, and Iwo Jima memorials, the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown, and Arlington National Cemetery.

We had a great time and wanted to share some of the pictures and video
from the trip. The yellow, orange and red leaves on the trees were beautiful!!

Louisiana Honor Air (October 24, 2009)


Submitted by Dale Ducote October, 29, 2009

Pelican Footnote: Dale is a 1941 EHS graduate. His Memories and Family Connections may be viewed on those pages. 

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