Sept.14, 2010 Update


Dear Pelicans,


The focus of this Update is Churches. If you will click here you will be taken to that page


Several additions have been made to the Churches Page. Due to the efforts of Ryan Rabalais, pictures have been added to the Photo Gallery of Little Flower Catholic Church in Evergreen and St. Charles Catholic Church in Goudeau.


In addition, contact has been established with Pastor Gladys Miller and Ben Stansbury of Evergreen United Methodist Church and work has begun on their page.


Click on the link for each church then click on the activated links to view what has been posted. The photo gallery for each church is located in the page of the respective church page.  We wish to include all churches, so please send information and pictures which you may have and we’ll review them for posting.


Ryan Rabalais, photo editor for  has relinquished his responsibilities in that area. A special acknowledgement is extended to Ryan as he has spent tireless hours editing photos and adding captions.  His dedication and skillful devotion to those responsibilities are admired and respected. His efforts will be missed. 

James “Patrick” Descant, Wayne (Murry’s son) and Pat’s son, will assume those duties.


Sharon Lemoine Juneau ( 318.876.3495 & 318.201.9321 indicated that Cottonport High classes of  56, 57, & 58 are having a reunion on Saturday, Nov. 13th at Marcus Juneau’s home in Spring Bayou in Marksville. Please share this information with Wildcats from those years so they may contact Sharon for the details. Thank you.


I was recently asked about what tailgating is like at a UL-Lafayette Home Football Game and thought it would be educational to include this link for those who are curious.

Click here  

OR go to  photo gallery, Tailgating, Year you wish to view, game you wish to view.


Yes, we are passing a good time. Ten years of Tailgating pictures are posted + the Sports Illustrated  story by Joe Cahn, the Commissioner of Tailgating, who declared  in the Sept. 5, 2005 issue that the best food was at UL-Lafayette. I never met anyone who could eat as much at Joe Cahn. After consuming at several  booths at UL, he ate again at Landry’s on I-10, then LSU tailgating, then made it to New Orleans and ate out that evening, so he could be ready to tailgate at the Saints game the next day – what a man (he must have a high % of Cajun blood). 


Peace, Ed