May 2, 2010 Update


Dear Pelicans,


Dale Descant has added a link for the 2010 Reunion on the home page at   which is highly visible. Also, click on any of the Updates for the information you seek.


Several obituaries have been posted since the last Update and these are in chronological order. Please note in the Education Page, that former faculty, staff, principals and many former students are listed. Please reach out to these people and make them aware of the 2010 Reunion.


Memories of Sharon Pickett Johnson have been posted and a Ken Jans news story has been posted.


The Cottonport Museum is have a fund-raiser and their New Orleans Saints quilt raffle is a wonderful idea. Please check on the story in the News Page.


Remember to go back to the March and April Updates for the specifics about the reunion with regard to programs, lunch, exhibits, times, etc. We look forward to seeing everyone on that day.


Mike Tanner has informed me that the food arrangements for lunch will be made through Kelone’s in Mansura. A variety of sliced meats will be available for lunch, along with condiments, chips, etc. They have requested a final count by next Tuesday.

It would be most helpful if those attending would pre-register in advance of that day. To pre-register, email and include the names of those who will be in your party. Please offer to pre-register for those who plan to attend, but who do not have internet access. Thank you.

Please find below the list of pre-registrations – this puts us 51 ahead of where we were in 2008.

Pre-registration 2010 Evergreen Reunion  (51 as of 5/1  7:00 pm)
Albritton, Ruth Dugas  4 22
Blanchard, Annabelle Jeansonne 4 20

Ducote, Dale &  Al   4 3
Ducote, Raymond and Amanda  4 22
Dugas, Ed & Marilyn 3 31

Flake, Bobbie Robert  4 21

Galland, Ron & Dorrinne  4 24

Goudeau, Ed & Wayne  3 23

Gullett, Buck & Donna  4 24

Jans, Nettie  4 16
Kojis, Martha Trump  4 22

Lemoine, Kathy & Billy  4 25

Mayeaux, Lawrence & Lottie  4 22

Normand, Beryl & Gerald  4 15

Ortolano, Doris   4 22

Rabalais, Ryan, Carolyn Tanner;Rabalais, John & Carol Rabalais  4 15
Riche’, Pete and Denise V. Riche’ 4 15

Roberts, Charles and Barbara Riche’ Roberts  4 19  

Sheets, Geraldine “Gerry” Galland  and Marshall  4 5
Spencer, Julienne  4 22
St. Romain, Bert & Velma  5 1

Tanner, Mike and Kay  4 19

Tanner, Virgil and Thelma  4 23
Taylor, Ethel & Ray  4 25
Trembly, Ada & Paul  4 22
Trimbur, Brother David & June   4 1

Turner, Alfred “Bonoxie” & Faye Riche’ Turner  4 18

Turner, Geneva Bordelon  & Ronnie  4 14