August 29, 2009 Update

Dear Pelicans,

There are some interesting and exciting new postings on and more on the drawing boards. However, the website is incomplete without your family information. Please select a page on which to write and send your information.

Thank you.

Please review the Evergreen Lunch announcement at the bottom of this Update. Thanks!

1.     News stories have been added, including information on the Little Flower and St. Charles church fairs and more.

2.     More links have been added to the Military Links…check on Bugles Across America – it will warm your heart and provide information on how to obtain a live bugler for a military funeral.

3.     Since two business pages were posted (Irvin and Euris Gauthier), two additional businesses have been added.  You will enjoy the writings of Maurine Bordelon Lacour as she wrote about Lannie Bordelon’s Store and those of Pete Riche’ as he wrote about the Elmer Joseph “Boulet” Riche’ stores. Thanks to both Maurine and Pete for documenting two important Evergreen area businesses. To locate these pages, click on Community, Business, then the title of the story you wish.

4.     The Donor Page has been updated to bring us up to speed in that area. Thanks to all of you who have provided the Evergreen Website with solid financial support.

5.     Once Sue Goudeau Nehring completed the Memorials for Sue and Estelle, she continued to provide a special rememberance for another family member and has submitted a Memorial for her dad, Cecil Edmond Goudeau, Sr.  Thank you to Sue and her siblings for their wonderful additions to the Memorial Page.

6.     The first installment of Pete Riche’ Memories has been posted in the Memories Page.

7.     The Obituary Page has had an addition posted, but the Dennis Quirk, Jr. funeral will be in Evergreen, not in Bunkie as stated in the Obituary. (Correction on the way).

Although the News story for LOPSTOCK #8 has not been posted, Doug Ardoin of the Original 50s Boogie Kings indicated that it is scheduled to begin at 1:30 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 3, 2009. Details will follow once their announcement is finalized.

Evergreen Lunch Slated for 12:00, Saturday, Oct. 17, 2009.

An Evergreen dutch-treat lunch is scheduled for Prejean’s Restaurant in Carencro, La. (located on the East side service road of I-49, 2 miles north of I-10).

Everyone with Evergreen connections and their guests are invited to come break bread with friends and enjoy some wonderful seafood or whatever your palate wishes.  

The focus is to provide a social setting so ole and new friends may visit over lunch. There is no formal program, but the private setting will allow for a few announcements, sharing, and group interactions. 

Please RSVP to  ASAP as seating is limited. Include the names of those who will be in your party.

Over 20 Pelicans have already sent positive RSVPs so please don’t procrastinate if you plan to attend. (See August 20 Update on website for questions/answers about the lunch)