Dear Pelicans,



The primary purpose of this Update is to wish all Pelicans and their families a Happy Easter. Remember, HE is the reason for the season.


Since the April 3, 2011 Update, a neat picture and caption of our Evergreen City Government sent by Brother Trimbur has been posted. Please click here to view. Brother has some type of mystic to have "all smiles" in such a picture. Thanks, Brother.

Please check the Prayer Requests and Obituaries for additions.

On March 8, 2008, a meeting was held at the Evergreen Museum to discuss a possible reunion in 2008. The reunion was held on May 17, 2008 and you may click here to view what was reported on that reunion.


By early April, 2008 Dale Descant moved to establish a website for the Evergreen Reunion and shortly after the May reunion, he agreed to design and host


With the mission statement below serving as our guide, we attempted to design and develop 
The mission of the Evergreen website is to document the past, celebrate the present, and plan for the future while reliving memories and creating new ones.

You may follow the chronology of those developments in the Update Link - 60+ of them - from July 17, 2008 to this Update.

Prior to the reunion, I made a three-year committment to coordinate the website and was joined by Dale Descant and Ryan Rabalais.  Their countless hours of dedicated caring efforts to the building of the website are noteworthy and appreciated.
Along the way, other volunteers joined in and they are identified in the "Contact Us" link. A special thanks is extended to all included on that page and the countless others who send information and pictures.


My tenure as coordinator culminates at the end June and new leadership should be in place prior to that time...someone younger, more talented, certainly more skilled and who enjoys the benefits of living in the Evergreen area.

That person will be announced at the appropriate time and will be provided needed assistance and information in order to function at a high level. 

Once the transition is over, my plans are to continue to contribute to the Evergreen website and assist and compliment the new leaders in any way possible - without looking over their shoulders.


I wish to thank all of you who communicated with me and provided information. We may have started from scratch building the website, but your contributions have allowed us to go beyond the scratch. It could be characterized as a good start. My hopes are that the new leaders will grow the website beyond its current format and engage all of the area residents to become part of the experience.


Please know that I always felt honored and blessed at the opportunity to have been part of the website and the Evergreen Reunions.

Best wishes to all Pelicans.

Peace, Ed Dugas
EHS Class of 1958