Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Dear Pelicans,


Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.


Hopefully, you have received this update and the computer change has been made without too much bark removed from the tree. Please email me if you read this update on the website, but did not receive the email update.  There probably are some glitches which will need to be addressed.


Updates have occurred since December 19, 2008, as follows:

Contact Us/Contact YouMartha Redmon Saylor.  Please consider sending your name and email address so friends may communicate with you. Thank you.


News – five news stories - Jean Ducote – older workers on the rise; Civic League attended the Evergreen Christmas Social; Fire Chief Gerald Normand recognized; Evergreen Snows of 1960 and 2008; Mary Helen Johnson sworn in as magistrate.


Prayer Requests – three new requests – Errol Ponthieux, Todd Hensel, Robert Vincent.


Obituaries – three new ones - Addie Ducote Bordelon, James Rabalais Sr., and Ralph Paul Moras Sr.


Anecdote – one new one – The Gum Tree by Maurine Bordelon LaCour.


Several additions to the website are underway.  Please send any class or group pictures to us in a jpeg file so they may be reviewed for posting. Please continue to send information for the various areas…Memories, Memorials, News, Anecdotes, Family Connections, etc.  Your participation and involvement in your Evergreen website is appreciated.