December 23, 2009 Update

Dear Pelicans,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. 

Remember, HE is the reason for the season.

On the home page is our mission statement, which reads as follows:The mission of the Evergreen website is to document the past, celebrate the present, and plan for the future while reliving memories and creating new ones.

As 2009 draws to an end, I wish to thank those who have embraced the spirit and the letter of the mission statement. Thank you to those who have helped document the past – everyone is encouraged to participate. Thank you to those who attended the 2008 reunion and the 2009 lunch – perhaps more advanced planning will allow more to attend in 2010. Thank you to those who have and who will continue to provide input on planning the 2010 reunion. Thank you for those who help celebrate the present by providing news and information on current happenings in Evergreen and with Pelicans wherever they may be. Thank you!

May the Good Lord Bless and Keep All of You!

Additions to the website since December 8, 2009 Update:

*Picture of United Methodist Church in Churches page – A special thanks to Ryan Rabalais for the picture. Please click on picture to enlarge.

*Memorial for Anthony John and Marie “Jessie” Snoddy Smith – A special thanks to John Smith for providing the pictures and information.

*Evergreen Lunch Page in Reunions Page – click 2009 for written information, including list of attendees, program and hand-out information. Images and sounds are posted in the photo gallery, reunions, 2009.
*Evergreen Lunch Page in Photo Gallery – click 2008 for the new arrangement of this page and 2009 for audio, video and digital pictures of the Evergreen Lunch. At this writing only the video tapes are posted – check later on the other pages. Click here for the seven video clips 

A special thanks to June and Brother David Trimbur,  Kay and Mike Tanner, Carolyn and Ryan Rabalais, and Dale Descant for their special efforts to capture the images and sounds of this special event. Words…are simply inadequate.

*Obituary posted for Louis Clave “L.C.” Riche’ – with link to his military page.

Christmas Wish List:
*Feedback to the suggestions that the 2010 Evergreen Reunion be held on Saturday, May 15 – 9-4 – at the Little Flower Church Hall (see Dec. 8, 2009 Update for more specifics).  Help facilitate planning by emailing ( )  your suggestions and ideas by Jan. 1 so more input can be considered…please. We seek more input to be able to move forward in the early part of 2010…people living out of the state wish to know.

*Consider sending News, Memories, Military,etc., for posting on the website. Thank you. 

Dale Descant sent the following email: I started a Bunkie Tattler on Facebook.  I am not sure how to tell you to go there except when in Facebook search on Bunkie Tattler.
Become a "Fan", I know it will be fun. Any and all help for enhancing this line of communication will be welcomed and appreciated.

An opportunity to do something special for our troops was sent recently by Joyce Bordelon Nelson. Please go to to select a FREE “Thank You” card. Xerox will print it and send it to a solider. Thanks Joyce.

Let’s join in this effort. When you send your thank yous (samples are available) you may also view the feedback from our troops. In each message I also include the two links below:  and


Peace, Ed Dugas