November 22, 2009 Update

 Dear Pelicans,

 Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones - click here for the Thanksgiving Message: 

If this link does not cooperate, click on and click on the Thanksgiving Message in the News Box.  Thank You.

Additions to the website since the November 6, 2009 Update include:

  1. Construction of the Churches Page continues;
  2. Prayer Requests have been added for Lawrence Mayeaux, L.C. Riche’, Beryl Normand, and Mike and Patti Guilbeau. Mike and Patti have included a video message which is highly recommended viewing for everyone (Go to PRs Page and click link in their prayer request).  All persons are back home at this time.
  3. Obituaries have been added;
  4. A military page has been added for L.C. Riche’ and

      “Proclaim Liberty – Ring the Liberty Bell” has been added to the list of Military                         

       Links - click here 

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       and "View Various Military Links" and it is in alphabetical order. This video is       

       highly recommended. If you don’t tear-up while watching this video, check for a             

       pulse. J

  1. Glynn Kohler has provided another news story from our past – click on Education, History of Education, scroll down and click on the title, “Evergreen Future Farmers of America Chapter Distinguishes Itself” dated Dec. 3, 1948
  2. The News Page contains the story, “The Original Boogie Kings Played for Cancer Benefit at L.J.’s Casino”. This story contains an active donation request for your consideration. The story includes two website addresses provided by Doug Ardoin with information on the Original Boogie Kings.

Yes, work is progressing on a report of the Evergreen Lunch held on Oct. 17. It will include a narrative section, video section, audio section and digital pictures…your patience on this one is appreciated.

Next Evergreen Reunion: Email your input PLEASE. Top suggestions thus far include the date Saturday, May 15, 2010 (if Little Flower Church Hall is available); Time: At least from 9am – 4pm to allow time for a variety of social settings and visiting. Provide lunch at the hall.(Point of reference:The 2008 Reunion was held on May 17th).

Email your reaction to this idea and/or provide other recommendations in the brain-storming period. Let us know what should be part of the reunion. Once more input for a date, time, location, is received, a local committee will be established.  Please email me if you would like to serve on the committee (no matter where you reside).  Many good ideas for the next reunion have been received and it would be good to see which of these are feasible.

Is there something you need to send for posting on the website?  Family Connections, Memories, Military, Names of Classmates (70s & 80s), News, Other.  Please email at your earliest convenience.

Thanks to each of you who continue to send information on a recurring basis. It is appreciated…you make the website what it is.

Peace, Ed Dugas