November 17, 2011 Update


It has been an honor to coordinate  since prior to the 2008 reunion and it's growth and development has been a source of deep satisfaction and personal fulfillment. Thank you for all of your assistance, support and encouragement during the past four years.

Please know that the financial support of our reunions and the website was provided by those included on the Donors Page. They are to be acknowledged, as they are very much appreciated. With a "barebones" approach, much has been documented (at little cost) through information and pictures. At this time, there are no outstanding incumberances which have not been addressed and funds remain in the Evergreen Reunion/Website account with the Evergreen Civic Club (Nettie Jans, Treasurer) to meet future financial needs.

A special acknowledgement is extended to outstanding volunteers: Dale Descant, our host and webmaster, and Ryan Rabalais, who edited hundreds of pictures. Please visit the Contact Us page for a listing of key volunteers, plus a host of photographers who are identified in each gallery. Their numberous contributions are acknowledged and appreciated.  

Dale Descant and I wish to thank all who sent information to be posted. Your involvement and participation make the website what it is. Please continue your efforts to document the rich history of Evergreen - may it always remain green.
For some time, there have been discussions about a change in leadership for and from me and Dale to someone who resided in the Evergreen area...someone who had the desire and skills for the conduct for such a responsibility.

Pelicans are indeed fortunate that such a person has been identified - someone who has exceeded our fondest expectations. He has accepted not only the coordinator's position, but he will be the webmaster and host. This change goes into effect immediately.


Mike Tanner, who chaired the 2010 Evergreen Reunion, and assisted in other reunions and in the website, is agreeable to assume responsibility for the website. What a wonderful blessing and omen of things to come! We wish Mike and Kay the very best as they accept this responsibility and thank them for all of their previous efforts to benefit the Evergreen area and its various entities.

What was done from 2008 through 2011 is simply a beginning. I am confident Mike will bring the website to new heights. I hope and pray he will have the full support of all Pelicans and that many of you will review the many opportunities available to you to post information on the site.


Attempts will be made to send Mike the Evergreen Email Address Book. However, to make certain he receives current contact information for each Pelican, please email him from the email address you wish him to use at   Thank you.

My email addresses,  and will remain active.

Peace, Ed Dugas,
EHS Class of 1958  


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



Greetings Fellow Pelicans,


It is with great anticipation, humility, and a bit of apprehension that I accept the position of coordinator of


Ed and Dale have done so much with so little to start with and build from!   I can not say that there is any place to improve what they have built, but TOGETHER WITH ALL PELICANS we can build more to go with what they have done. 


I am looking forward to hearing from any and all Pelicans who have ideas on how we can add to and enhance the website.  And by 'we' I mean I invite and will need volunteers willing to help with the various functions of managing, caring for, and feeding (providing information for) the website.


No matter what your area or interest or expertise, how much time you can contribute (a little or a lot), what your connection to Evergreen is, or where you currently live (internet is a great communication tool), please let me hear from you if you can contribute to the website.  This includes occasional or ongoing contributions.  Areas to consider:


* News stories about Pelicans now living in other parts of the country (yourself or someone you know).

* Digging up stories and photos from times passed - school, church, or civic/community activities.

* Editing photos.

* Monitoring newspapers in your area for obituaries of Pelicans.

* Any other way you think you might be able to contribute to the website.


As I am building a new address book of Pelican contacts, if you would like to continue to receive Pelican updates please email me at from the address you wish me to use.  Include your name(s), ties to Evergreen, and if you wish, your snail mail address and a phone number (both optional).


Please feel free to email me with any questions, ideas, or of course, offers of assistance.


Michael (Mike) Tanner