Published November 11, 2008
Dear Pelicans,
On this Veteran's Day, please click on Community, Military and pray for those members of the military and their families.  Help us remember and honor those current and former members of the military.  Please sent information/picture of your military heroes. Please send information, even if a military or other picture is not available. 
A wonderful memorial has been posted for Ward Joseph and Emily Ann Guillot Galland by their daughter, Geraldine "Gerry" Sheets.  There are now ten Memorials posted.
Please note Ryan Rabalais' talents and dedication when editing our pictures (with the captions in the pictures).  He did this for the Original 1950s Boogie Kings, the Memorials of Arnold and Bertha Rabalais and Ward and Emily Galland, and Bill Albritton and Marvin Descant's military pictures.  Thank you Ryan for adding a special touch to the website pictures which you edit.
Please click on the Education Link, Former Faculty and Staff, Principals - for information on the four Evergreen formal education sources between 1857 and 1988.  It includes a listing of each school administrator, as well as some of the facility additions during those years.
Please click the Family Connections Page of the Community link and note that over 70 FCs have been posted.  We encourage everyone with an Evergreen connection to send their Family Connection.  The information is in the introduction of the section and there are over 70 examples. The FCs are like links of a family chain, so please submit your link. 
Families...the core unit of any community.  And so be it with Evergreen...quite interesting.  Felix and Willis Rachal (brothers) married two sisters, Louise and Cecelia Descant.  Not to be outdone by the Rachals and Descants, Dannie, Haywood and Laymon Aymond married Lela, Maggie, and Mable Bordelon.  There FCs are posted.  
Three volunteers have been added to the staff. Each of them are appreciated for their dedication.  Obituary Reporters: Joyce Rachal Roy ('58 EHS) (Lafayette Daily Advertiser), Carol Armand Pellegrin ('60 EES) (Baton Rouge Morning Advocate), and Susan Riche' Earnest ('62 EES) (Alexandria Town Talk) review the Obituary sections of the above daily newspapers for deceased persons with Evergreen connections.  Your assistance in the timely reporting of other deaths not included in the above media sources is appreciated. 
Click on the picture of the Bayou Rouge Baptist Church on the home page and be taken to their website.  Click on Cemetery and you may view the names and locations of all who have been buried there.  What a wonderful website! 
Please note the need to post obituaries, regardless of the date.  So, if you have one from the 1940s, 1892, 1985, it doesn't matter.  Please email it to me so we can post in the Obituary Page in the upper right of the News link. 
Remember, those who wish to have their name and email address posted in the Contact You section of the Contact Us page should email that request to me.  This will improve communications among friends, classmates, etc.  
Maurine Bordelon LaCour has written a most interesting anecdote entitled, "Gimme a Moon Pie." Enjoy.
Remember, the Evergreen Website exists for you and your family.  Please send information in any of the above categories so all may enjoy the fruit of a shared endeavor.
Evergreen - may it remain forever green.
Peace, Ed