Published Sunday, October 26, 2008 8:02 AM

Dear Pelicans,
Fans of the Original 1950s Boogie Kings will be pleased to know that a story (with some photos) of Lopstock #7, held Oct. 18, has been posted in the News.  Also, the story announcing Lopstock #7 (also in the News) contains a posed picture of the group.  You may get on their mailing list for 2009 or log on to for the announcement of Lopstock #8 which will be made next summer.  
More Family Connections have been added to the Community Link - Dickens Bordelon, Curry "Red" Armand, William Caleb Spruill, William Joseph Spencer. 
Reviewing the FCs Page reminded me of an interesting tidbit:  The Dickens Bordelon Family (16 children), Pierre Descant Family (14 children), and J. C. Albritton Family (10 children) at one time lived within 1 1/2 miles of each other. You notice those little things when you are closely connected with all three families.
You are encouraged to send your Family Connections to  Thank you.
A separate update will be sent soon which will illustrate the efforts being made to include obituaries for all with Evergreen connections. Obituaries are located in the upper right of the News Page.  Your efforts to keep us current are appreciated.  If you have a obituary of a loved one, please email it to me and it will be posted regardless of the date of death.
Please click on the Community Page, then Military. This page is now accessible and the posting of Carol Aymond and Bill Albritton are just the beginning.  Please send information of those who served in the military, regardless of the length of their tour of duty.  This is one way to show our gratitude for the sacrifices of those heroes.
Lynn W. Wright is now receiving information for the Evergreen Address Book Data Base.  You may send her information at  on former students, former residents, current residents or anyone with an Evergreen connection. The information will be kept confidential, but will be invaluable for the next Evergreen Reunion and for coordinating the website.
Those who wish to have their name and email address listed on the website in the Contact Us/Contact You Page should email Ed and state your wishes.  This will not be done unless you email the request.  Thank you.