October 15, 2009 Update

Dear Pelicans,

There has been several news stories posted since the Sept. 25, 2009 Update.

Please check those News stories as they are in chronological order...Church of the Little Flower is covered in several stories. 

Check the Community Page, Business Page and note the addition of Virgil Tanner and Edison Descant stores.

On the Education Page, History of Education Page, another story has been posted about the Evergreen High School Home Economics Club from Dec. 3, 1948.

The Military Page has a new addition for Todd Riche' - included is his recent promotion. Congratulations to Todd and family.

A unique wrinkle has been added to the News page. Baby Ruby Galland's birth announcement is posted with a link to her photo gallery. Each of you are encouraged to send that type information to us and we will be pleased to post the information and links.

Evergreen Lunch Information for Prejean's Restaurant at Noon on Saturday, Oct. 17, 2009:

Prejean's information may be viewed by clicking  http://www.prejeans.com/   

Please ask for the Evergreen Lunch in the Bordeaux Room - It is on the left once you enter through the front door. We will be ordering from the regular menu because their lunch menu is not offered on the weekend.

The Bordeaux Room will be available at 11:30 for those who wish to arrive early.

After the blessing and a few housekeeping announcements are made,  drink orders and others orders will occur while picture opps are taken and visiting is going on at each table, etc. After the meal, an informal program will begin. Participation from attendees is expected. You are welcomed and encourage to bring any information, pictures and memorabilia you wish to use for show and tell.

Please find below the list of attendees. If someone not on the list decides to attend, please encourage them to phone me at (337)896-4335 (I plan to be home Thursday and Friday evenings) or on my cell 298-5785 and if you miss me...just come on in and make yourself at home - you'll be with friends.

A few illnesses and births have caused some cancellations, but those planning to attend are guaranteed a Pelican good time.  If our lunch is anything like the visit I had yesterday with Joyce Bordelon Nelson, Maurine Bordelon Lacour, Yam Bordelon, and Carol Bordelon Cashio (at Maurine's home), followed by a visit with Dub, Sandra, L.C. Riche' and Peggy (at L.C.'s home), we are guaranteed an enjoyable time.

I look forward to seeing everyone.

Registration Update for Oct. 17, 2009

Ed & Marilyn Dugas

Brother David Trimbur, June Trimbur, Maudie Holston

Bert and Velma St. Romain 

Pete & Denise Riche’

Ryan and Carolyn Tanner Rabalais

Wayne Goudeau 

Dub and Sandra Dugas

Brandi Tanner Chambless, Debbie Riche Molan, Tootsie McDonald Riche(Pending)

Rodney and Mary Ellen Armand Jeansonne

Fred (Erik) Nelson and Fran Cernignia

Mike and Kay Tanner

Mike and Linda Long

Everette “Hayes” Barman

Doris Ortolano, Georgie Gremillion, Nan Lemoine

AnnaBelle Jeansonne Blanchard

Stebo and Joy Pearce

Alfred “Bonoxie” and Faye Riche’ Turner

Harold and Carolyn Aymond

Marshall and Geraldine “Gerry” Galland Sheets

Joyce St. Romain Lacombe and Gail Riche’ Juneau

Roy “Boogie” Riche, Jr. and  Betty Bordelon

Paul and Ada Barron Tremblay

Patsy Roy Moras

Ethel and Ray Taylor

Genie and Jerry Spencer

Sheryl Matthews Richard, Cheryl Vilmarette, Louis “Jr.” Matthews