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Update Tuesday, September 09, 2008 6:12 AM
1. Class Rosters for the 1940-49 years have been posted in the Education Link, Former Students Page.  Updates are needed for the 1960-69 years, where BHS and CHS designations are missing.  Also, deceased, married names, and other classmates are needed.  Your assistance in making these CRs more accurate and complete is appreciated.
2. Acknowledgement  and appreciation are expressed to Lynn W. Wright, the latest donor to the Evergreen Reunion/Website.  You are encouraged to view the donor options posted on the Donor Page.
3. Susan Riche' Ernest's Memories Letter was the most recent posting.  Please send your Memories so they may be documented.  You may add to them at any future date. 
4. Family Connections have been posted in the Community Link.  The letters A, D, R, S, T have been activated...just click on the letter and FCs for that letter will appear.  A FC simply reflects one family unit with parents and children...no dates, etc.
Please email your FC so it can be posted. Our goal is to document all of the families who once resided in Evergreen.  FCs for current residents are also needed.
5.Click on the Anecdote Page for Billy Wright Hilleren's coat rack strategy when Mr. Smith would patrol the halls.  Please send some of your favorite anecdotes.  You may write on any topic.  John Smith and I wrote about hurricanes because Gustav reminded us of earlier ones. 
6. The News Page has a recent posting from Karen McCoy, daughter of Mary Jo Ducote and Paxton McCoy.  Your news is requested.  Email me if you have an explanation for the basketball goal in the picture of the Gustav story. 
7. Reminders:  Please visit the News for announcements of events coming soon...Evergreen Church Fair this weekend. Your participation is appreciated. 
Thanks to all who sent anecdotes, memories, news, FCs, and other information.  Those of you who have helped and continue to help with Class Rosters have a special place in my heart.  Thanks to all Pelicans who continue to inform others of www.EvergreenLa.org   It is appreciated.
Peace, Ed