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Sent: Saturday, August 30, 2008 8:14 AM
Subject: 08 08 30 Update www.EvergreenLa.org
Dear Pelicans,
The purpose of this Update is to make you aware of several major additions/changes which have been posted on www.EvergreenLa.org 
Class Rosters for the 1960-69 years have been posted in the Former Students (Education) Page.  Please review these and provide feedback on needed adjustments.  Updates on husband's names, deceased, high school from which graduation, names missing from list, etc., are needed.  Anyone who attended EHS/EES during the 60s should be on the 60s CRs.  Thank you for reviewing the list and providing feedback.
Billy Wright Hilleren, Debbie Riche' Molan, Pete Riche', Kathy Wright Juneau, Glynn Kohler, Mary Lynn Riche' (Ken's wife, BHS), Mike Tanner, Carol Armand Pellegrin, Barbara Aymond Bowman, Susan Riche' Ernest, Richard Ducote, Beth Kohler Vandersteen, Julienne Ducote Spencer, Tracy Spencer, Cynthia Galland Cappel, Dr. Harold Aymond, Ronnie Galland, Dr. Charles Long, Darrel Jans, Kristin Bordelon Normand, Joyce Rachal Roy, Martin "Sonny" Cox, Maudie Holston Gauthier,  and others provided information to make the CRs possible.  A special thanks is extended to the above Pelicans and forgiveness is requested from those whose names I neglected to include. All input and feedback is appreciated.
Dale has organized the Education photo gallery whereby pictures are identified by the decade.  More class pictures are needed.  Please email them to Ed in a jpeg file. Ryan Rabalais has significantly improved many of the pictures which are posted in the photo gallery.
The Family Connections Page has been activated and is ready to receive more FCs.  Please click on the Community Page, then Family Connections for the information and format. Letter "D" is activated and more letters will be activated as FCs are received. This is a wonderful opportunity for Pelicans to provide information on their families in a two generation unit. 
It looks like Gustav has Lafayette in his cross hairs. so please keep us in your prayers.  It you don't hear from us for a while, you will know why. 
Peace, Ed