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Sent: Monday, August 11, 2008 10:54 PM
Subject: Pelican Pride...Growing Each Day

Dear Pelicans,
The feedback on the 1950s Class Rosters was excellent.  Corrections, additions, etc., are now posted for that decade in the Education Link under Former Students.    
As we move to complete the 1960s CRs, help is needed for the 1963 and 1965 High School graduating classes.  The 1963 class finished EES in May 1959 and the 1965 High School class graduated from EES in May 1961.  Patsy Roy Moras (Mrs. Ralph) is a member of this class.  Her Memories letter is posted on the site.
Yes, CRs from the 1970s and 1980s are welcomed and a couple from each decade have been received.  Thanks, Kristin, for sending the 1988 EES Class Roster...the last 8th grade class to graduate from EES.  
Billy Wright Hilleren sent Class Roster information today taken from her mother's grade book for the 1953 - 1958 years.  These were Mrs. Barbara's first five years of teaching at EHS.  Thank you, Billy.
Those of you who have communicated with me seeking news on John Smith...go to the News page and there is a picture/story update.  Thanks, John.
Also in the News is a picture of Dub's granddaughter (Olivia) at the ripe ole age...you will have to see for yourself.
In the News story of Sandra and Dale having reasons to celebrate note that he has started the Bunkie Tattler. To view his latest creation, click on the Bunkie.com link on www.EvergreenLa.org  then The Bunkie Tattler.  Continued success and best wishes to Dale and Sandra in this latest endeavor. 
Please email any school pictures you may have (jpeg file) so they may be posted on the website.  Thank you.
Peace, Ed