August 8, 2009 Update

Dear Pelicans,

The  July17, 2009 Update focused on commemorating the first anniversary of   …So, this Update will inform you about the postings and changes since July 6, which was the last Update dealing with content.

Please note this change in the Update format. Updates will no longer identify additions to the Anecdotes, News, Obituaries, and Prayer Requests Pages – since these are in the order posted. You can click on these at any time and locate the new postings. However, when postings in the above areas are out of sequence, the information will be noted. Hopefully, this will help reduce the size of the Updates.  Please check the four above Links for the latest postings in those areas.

Civil War buffs - know of the Evergreen Invincibles? Stay tuned…it could be part of a military page being designed.

Pelicans have been contacted about current/former businesses and it is hopeful these communications will bear fruit.  Some of these include: Jack St. Romain Appliance Sales/Service (Ideal Appliances), Elmer Riche’ Grocery Stores, Lannie Bordelon Grocery Store, Billy Hilleren Law Office, Ford Robert Grocery Store, Walter Dugas Grocery Store,  Robert Tanner Grocery Store & Used Autos, William Robson Cage Layers, Marvin Robson Grocery Store, Willis Rachal Grocery Store, Gene Heiman Enterprises, Maximum Escude Feed Store, Ozemae Galland Grocery Store, Louis/Bud Dufour Grocery Store, Tom Fisher Grocery Store, Hollinshed Impliment Company, Pearce Syrup Mill, Jake Descant Service Station, Murphy Descant Service Station, Clave Riche’ Grocery Story, Cotton Gins, Fish Market, Blacksmith Shop and more.  There were/are other businesses…in Bay Hills, T-Bayou Rouge, Bayou Rouge, Goudeau, and Evergreen proper.  Please send any information you may have on these, even if it is only an identification of the type business, approximate location, and when it existed.  

Click on Community, Business, to see the information requested for a business page.

BHS Alumni Luncheon is scheduled for Denham Springs on August 14th.  Many Pelicans attended BHS and they may click here   for more information.  Email:
Phone:  Robert Taylor, Historian/Reunion Instigator, Class of 1963 @ 225-709-0673

Gail Aymond Bordelon reports: Great news re Laura's son Todd( Laura Brown Hensel-a 59 grad of BHS. Todd has had multiple transplants and against all odds, he is still improving.

Janis Leach reports: I had my surgery (mastectomy and removal of lymph nodes) two weeks ago and finally got a good report. I'm still having lots of pain (and I'm also still having some side effects from all the chemo), but I'm so thankful to finally get a good report. As soon as I recover from the surgery, I'll begin radiation treatments.  I continue to covet your prayers. Love, Janis

Postings since the July 6th Update include:


  Family Connections – Carl Paul Ducote, William Ogden Allen, William Thomas Allen, Clinton Ducote, Wilbur Ray Goudeau, Kenneth “Ken” Jans.

 Business – design has been completed and two businesses have been posted: Euris Gauthier’s Repair Shop and Irvin Gauthier’s Repair Shop.

 Military – additional links have been posted on the Military Links Page.

News – these stories were posted since the last Update


Congratulations to Bill Hunt on his book "A Full-Grown Man"

Cottonport Festival of Quilts by Donna Mayeux


Cynthia Louise Banditrat Earns MBA From Harvard Business School by Ryan Rabalais

Jindal touts importance of job creation during visit to Cottonport

Evergreen Volunteer Fire Department Honors Ken Jans by Mike Tanner  

Memories – Brandi Tanner Chambless, Sue B. Goudeau (Yes, our 3rd grade teacher – thanks to Sue Goudeau Nehring). Please note her request for information on her aunts who taught the multitude at EHS in grade 1 (Estelle) and grade 3 (Sue). Thank you, Sue.

Memorials – four are in the design stages.  Check the Memorial Page for information.  

Obituaries – Mildred May Allen Goudeau (January 1, 2002) and the following in sequence:
Daniel John Slocum, Sam Gullett, Byron "PeJoe" Lloyd, Thomas Eric Bordelon "Tommy" Sr., Sylvia Bordelon Peavy, George V. "Pickle" Terry, Betty Descant Gagnard

Where Are They Now? Everette Hayes Barman was added.

Your generosity has provided with funding for an additional year.   We are most fortunate to have Dale Descant as our webmaster and host because without his generosity, talents and dedication, there would be no 

A special “Thank You!” is extended to all of the volunteers who provide information so viewers may learn, understand, and appreciate more about our Evergreen cultural heritage.


Peace, Ed Dugas