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Dear Pelicans,
The puff of smoke you saw coming from Florida this week was Dale Descant's computer reacting from running in high gear for an extended period of time.  He had it humming and the results show on www.EvergreenLa.org 
The following links and pages have been recently added to www.EvergreenLa.org 
News Page - Everette "Hayes" Barman Found

Education Page - Introduction, History (two articles posted) and Former Students have some information posted.
Responses continue to be received for the 1950-59 class rosters emailed earlier this week. Not all information has been processed...so please email any information which you have to offer about the1950s CR.  The updated CRs of the 1950-59 will be posted on the website some time next week.  Thank you for making this happen so quickly.
Thank you to those Pelicans who sent their class rosters, even those outside of the 1950s.  Please know these are appreciated and are saved for processing.  We hope to move to the 1960s next, as about five years of CRs have been received.  Please send those at your earliest convenience if you attended EES in the 1960s.  Duplication is the case is a good thing...so please send your recollections of all students who were a member of your class at EES.    
Photo Gallery - Education Page (Misc.school pictures) more complete captions - like the 9th grade class of 1946-47.
Thanks to Ryan Rabalais for providing this information.
The Donors Page and Sponsors Page have been posted.  Thanks to Coral Francois for his most generous donation to the Evergreen Reunion/Website.  It is sincerely appreciated.  
Want to be part of a team effort to document homes, families, churches, school classes, send news, etc? - please email me.  Any assistant offered is welcomed and appreciated.
Little Flower Church Fair is Scheduled For September 13th and 14th.  Details will soon be in the News Page.
Peace, Ed