July 17, 2009 Update

Dear Pelicans,

Time for Reflection and to give Thanks. Tomorrow  www.EvergreenLa.org will have been operational for one year.  Literally, thousands of pages have been posted during that time.  Hopefully, the information and pictures have been of interest to you and you realize that anyone with past or present Evergreen area connections can and should participate in providing information and pictures. We welcome everyone to participate and are committed to inclusivity.
Please view the list below to be mindful of some of the postings (these are all included in the Updates, going back to the first Update send on July 17, 2008) which have been made during the first year:
News - 44 stories
Obituaries - 69 postings
Family Connections - over 120
Military Pages - 11+ a military links listing
Prayer Requests - 11
Updates - 33
Memories - 23 people 
Memorials - 14
Education - former students - over 6 decades listed alphabetically by year and 70s & 80s being compiles as information received.
                   - principals - from 1957-1988 are listed. More will be done in this area with faculty and staff.
Reunions - detailed report from 2008 posted, others are being written.
Photo Gallery - four areas developed, with pictures from churches, community, education and reunions posted.
Donors Page -  1 -  viewers can learn "who is keeping the ship afloat."
Anecdotes - 12
Where Are They Now? 1
Contact Us - 8 volunteer staff and Contact You - 10 Pelicans have given permission to post their email addresses.
www.EvergreenLa.org signs - 3 are visible on Hwy. 29 - one on eachof the "Welcome To Historic Evergreen" signs and one on "Ervin Gauthier's Repair Shop" sign.
Business Page - located in the Community Page - has been designed and will soon have businesses posted.
There is much which could be written specifically about the past year, but it is sufficient to say that during this time my love of the Evergreen area and faith in its current and former residents has been strengthened.  The numbers of people who contributed information, pictures, funds, talents, etc., has been heart-warming and reinforced what was projected when the website was designed.
It is impossible for me to sufficiently show my appreciation to Dale Descant and Ryan Rabalais for their dedication. Without their daily involvements, the website would be lacking in many ways. They have devoted their time and talents to put as much quality as possible into this endeavor and we all owe them a debt of gratitude.  THANK YOU, Dale and Ryan.  I thank each of our volunteer staff. They, too, keep the wagon moving in a methodical manner.
I would be remis in expressing my appreciation if the people who provided the information and pictures for all of the above areas were not highlighted. Each of you have made the website what it is.  Please continue to send information for all of the above areas so that it may continue to grow.
YES, there are other areas which need attention so we can more fully know and appreciate the life and times of our beloved Evergreen.  
A few more volunteers are needed. The task which you may wish to help with would be of your chosing, done according to your schedule, and done in the manner you select. While some on the staff may provide direction so we accomplish the desired results, much of what a volunteer does, is really up the their time, talents, creative juices, etc. 
Most of the tasks may be done at home (no matter where your reside) - when one is free to get on task - like typing a manuscript from one of the reunions or from a brochure about Evergreen...so much to post, so little time. 
Any type of volunteer assistance is appreciated.  Please email me if you would like to discuss this matter and I will be happy to phone you to determine your interest areas and type of involvement you seek. Thank you.
Peace, Ed Dugas