June 20, 2009 Update

Dear Pelicans,

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all of our Pelican Fathers.  Click here for more information on the creation of Father’s Day and other celebration information: http://www.morning-glow.com/holidays/father/father.html

Since the last UPDATE, seven Memories have been posted for Brandi Tanner Chambless.  These are most interesting and labeled as a MUST READ.  Brandi has submitted an additional Memory and it will be soon posted. Thank you, Brandi, for sharing your special memories with us.

Please consider sending one or several of your Memories.  It is one of the best ways of keeping them alive.

Additional postings have occurred since the June 1, 2009 Update as follows:

Military – More links have been added to “View Various Military Links”.  Please email Ed to provide the name and website address for recommended additions to the listing of Military links.  Thank you.

Former/current military personnel are requested to send their information for posting of their military page. The information may be of any length and the picture is optional. You are encouraged to send information about deceased friends or family members who served in the military. Thank you.

News –   Avoyelles Singles Hold First Meeting by Joyce Aymond Chestang

Obituaries – Mary Brown Armand, Frida Lemoine Firmin, Lewis “John” Chaney

Prayer Requests – A.W. “Bill” – “Tex” Knaps, Jr. – UPDATE -  response to Dale on June 5th.  Thank you Dale. I am home now and on antibiotics for another week. Still
feel very ill. I had an abscess in my large intestine burst. Same as a ruptured appendix. Lucky to be alive. Will be back when I feel much better. Love to
all of you on Bunkie.com. AW Tex

Janis Leach UPDATE  - response to Ed on June 8th Hi.  I'm writing to give you an update on my cancer journey.  Tomorrow (June 9th) I will have my last chemo treatment.  (Hallelujah!)  Then an appointment will be set up with my surgeon to schedule a mastectomy and the removal of my remaining lymph nodes.  (The same surgeon who performed my excisional biopsy, lumpectomy, and sentinel node biopsy will also perform this additional surgery.)  Surgery will be followed by 6-7 weeks of daily (M-F) radiation. 

I have had a terrible time with chemo, and I am so thankful it will soon be over.  However, I still have a long journey ahead of me, and I continue to covet your prayers.  Love, Janis

The efforts of all Pelicans to add to the information and pictures posted on www.EvergreenLa.org is appreciated.