June 1, 2009 Update

Dear Pelicans,

A News item not posted at this time:   ATTENTION AVOYELLES SINGLES!!!!
Are you 50+ and interested in gathering and socializing on a weekly basis to bond in friendship and camaraderie?

The purpose of this group is to bring together mature single men and women in Avoyelles Parish, with a non-sectarian social environment. Activities will be planned to include as many varied interests as possible with ideas/inputs from those attending.

Prospective members are to be at least fifty years of age and unmarried (never having married; widowed; or divorced with divorce finalized).

Contact Joyce A. Chestang    318-717-5580   joychest@hotmail.com

Our first gathering will be at Kyrle's Seafood & Steak House in Mansura, on June 4th (Thurs.), 2009, from 5:30 PM -7:30 PM. SEE YOU THERE!!! (please inform others)

Additional postings have occurred since the May 24, 2009 Update as follows:

Donors Page – has been updated to include Dr. Harold Aymond, Barbara Aymond Bowman, Cecil Wayne Aymond, Cynthia Murray, and Maurine Bordelon LaCour.

Memorials - Clifton “Cliff” and Lena Mae Galland Aymond Page updated.

Military – Glynn Kohler and Mark Martin St. Romain, Jr. have been added to the Military Page and additional military links have been added to the Military Links Page.  Thanks to Glynn and Janet (Mark’s mom) for submitting the information. Their military pages are very interesting reads. Please email Ed to provide the name and website address for recommended additions to the listing of Military links.  Thank you.

Former/current military personnel are requested to send their information for posting of their military page. The information may be of any length and the picture is optional. You are encouraged to send information about deceased friends or family members who served in the military. Thank you.

News – Tribute to Duane Yates, Boogie King Legend, by Doug Ardoin; Chloe Angelle graduates from UL by Ed Dugas; Announcing the Birth of Grand Michael Janak by Joyce Rachal Roy. 

Obituaries – Claude Duane Yates, Anita Himel Thayer, Carl Paul Ducote.

Prayer Requests – A.W. “Bill” – “Tex” Knaps, Jr.

Dale has added some neat design ideas to go with some of the information sent to him…like adding music (click on the Military Page of  Dr. Harold Aymond), or adding logos to the story (click on the News story of Chloe Angelle graduating from UL).

We are fortunate to have someone with his dedication and talents to serve www.EvergreenLa.org   Thank you Buck for the many things you do to make a visit to the website an interesting and enlightening experience.

The efforts of all Pelicans to add to the information and pictures posted on www.EvergreenLa.org is appreciated.